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Proprietor and land Valuation
The Laird of Dalziell £946.0.0
His Lands of Sheills £54.5.8
His Lands of Over Johnstoun £50.0.0
Cunningar £33.6.8
Carfines Todleburn £43.7.6
Ravenscraig £106.0.0
Dalziell valt. [valuation] £1232.19.10
Allantoun £1185.10.0
Wester rigmyre £141.0.0
John Cleland in Stain £79.10.0
John Steill in Stain £79.0.0
James Prentice in Stain £39.10.0
John Brounlie in Stain £39.10.0
Darngavell £46.0.0
Summerside £30.10.0
Daviesdykes £118.0.0
Auchterhead £30.10.0
Auchterbridge-end £14.10.0
Ballies muir £8.0.0
Cambusnethan £821.2.0
Coltnes £1261.8.0
Wishaw £543.0.0
Greenhead £121.0.0
Muirhouse £53.10.0
Green £237.0.0
Garens half of the Muir £49.13.4
Watstoun £456.0.0
Garen £96.0.0
Cambusnethan Valt. [valuation] £5450.3.4
Mauldslee £1520.0.0
Hallcraig £380.0.0
Mr. Muirs Part Greenbanks £60.0.0
Milnton £440.0.0
Heads £230.0.0
Headsmuir £200.0.0
Wicketshaw £365.14.0
Hyndshaw £470.0.0
Milntons Part of Wicketshaw £60.19.4

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[signed] John Roberton. James Semple. Robert Hamilton Cllr [Collector].


[signed] John Roberton. James Semple. Robert Hamilton Cllr [Collector].

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