Proprietor and land Valuation
John Sympsoune £14.13.0
Georg Verners aikers £7.7.0
Sir John Wilkie £65.18.0
Thomas Stevin £9.5.0
John Hinsellwood £40.0.0
William Cuninghame £4.7.6
Marqueis Dowglas £7.3.0
Mr Robert Balzie kirkland £33.10.0
Michaell Gemmill £6.10.0
Thomas Hastie & James Weir £4.8.0
Androw Fram £8.10.0
Carstars totall is £2150.0.0
Sub divisione thus
William Lockhart of Carstars £1883.6.8
Nicoll Somervell portioner of Hairlaw £66.13.4
John Hutchesone p'r [portioner] Hairlaw £66.13.4
William Lockhart fewar In Renstruther £33.6.8
William Somervell In Mosplatt £66.13.4
James Somervell in Carstares £33.6.8
[---] amongst the Small fewars
Fyftie Merks
John Newbigging collector
Dunsyer totall is £1450.0.0
Sub division thus
John Hamiltoúne of Auldtoúne £393.6.8
James Graham of westhall £230.0.0
Hellen Balzie lyferentrix westhall £230.0.0
Allexander Wilsoune of Stinnipeth £66.13.4
William Lockhart of Tarbrax £83.6.8
Marqueis of dowglas £676.13.4
Watsoune totall is £1233.0.0
Sub divisione thus
Cristopher Balzie
Harpar prs [portioners] of elsrige
Lockhart of Lisman elsrige
John Whyt collector
Dolphintoune totall is £850.0.0
Sub division thus
William Broune of Dolphingtoúne £540.0.0
Joseph Lermont of Newholme £180.0.0
John Balzie & John Greg for [murehous] £100.0.0
William Dowglas of Mylnerig £30.0.0
Biggar totall is £4216.0.0
Sub division thus
Earle of Wigtoúne £2146.0.0
Cristopher Ballzie off Walstoúne For the toune mains & mylne of Edminstoune & wintermure £323.6.8
James Dicksoune of Stane £110.3.4
James Threipland of Whinbush £24.10.0
Mr Allexander Bartoúne of Hyndslands £250.0.0
Mr John Broune of Chambelands £30.12.0
Mr John Muirhead of Persell lands over & netherwell £79.11.4
Brekinhills lands James Smyth £27.13.4
Biggertoune fewars £306.0.0
Earle of Wigtoune £656.16.0
Mr James Kirktoune £87.16.0
John Ballzie of St Johns Kirk £177.8.0
Robertoune totall is £1033.0.0
Sub division
Marqueis of Dowglas £409.9.0
Claud Ballie of Bakbie & Quarrellburne £216.13.4
William Ballie of Hardingtoúne £295.6.8
William Ballzie of Mott and Litlegill £50.0.0
ballzie of Nether Hardingtoúne £62.0.0
Carnwath Libertoune and Quadquan totall is £5000.0.0
Sub divisione
William Engles of east Sheild
James Wilsoune of Henshellwood
Robert Denh'am [Denholme] of west Sheill & 'ardhous [Yardhouse]
Hew Somervell of Pulfoords For Sydwad grein and polfoords

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