Proprietor and land Valuation
lib [pounds]
The Parochine of Carlouck £6000.0.0
Sub Divisione thus:
Sir Daniell Carmichaell £1100.0.0
Braidwood fewars £1140.0.0
Belstain £420.0.0
Milntoune £473.6.8
James Hamiltoúne of Hallcraig £440.0.0
William Lockhart of Wicketshaw £426.13.4
James Lockhart of Heids £430.0.0
Lord ley for kinkaidzow, Eastoune holl and Watstoune Eight pennies £430.0.0
Dam Margaret Hamiltoune For Hyndshaw £470.0.0
John Cuninghame of Spittellsheill £66.13.4
James Bell Spittellsheill £66.13.4
John Hado Spittellsheill £33.6.8
Thomas Martein Spittellsheill £33.6.8
Walter Lockhart of Kirktoune over kirktoune and kilbryd £300.0.0
Garren For brounlie £120.0.0
John Daviesoune In tounhead £25.0.0
John Daviesoune In tounefoott £25.0.0
Lanerk Totall Is £4217.0.0
Sub division thus
Lord ley £1382.0.0
Allan Lockhart of Cleghorne £530.0.0
Robert Ballzie of Jervestwood £280.0.0
Sir James Carmichaell of Bonytoune £425.0.0
East nemphlers £516.0.0
Martha and Marie Jac of braxfeild £42.0.0
hynfoord fewars £310.0.0
Corslaw and Bankheid £80.0.0
Baird of Lanerk & St lenards £33.6.8
Coblehauch £60.0.0
Alexander Wilsoune of West nemphers £58.18.0
James Forrest of Holmheid qrof [quhairof] Margaret Sandiland & George patersone on thrid £133.13.4
Allexander Forrest holmfort £80.12.0
Chappell & threipholme £10.0.0
fractions of braxfeild £310.5.9
James Young [beinbonett?] £7.5.0
William Lockhart Park £11.2.0
Jeane Carmichaell £29.0.0
James Whyt £14.16.0
William Tutop £25.10.0
John porteous £13.15.4
John Cuninghame £4.7.6
Allexander Tennent £5.10.0

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