Proprietor Land Valuation Totals
The Laird of Kirkconnell his rent within the said parish is six hundred and sixty pound, inde £660.0.0
The Laird of Mabie has pertaining him within the said parish the Mains of Mabie, and is worth threescore eighteen pounds, inde £78.0.0
The Cruiks-croft worth yearly one hundred forty-five pound, inde £145.0.0
The Breads Holm worth forty-eight pound nineteen shilling and nine-pence, inde £48.19.9
The Dullarg worth to him yearly an hundred twenty-two pound ten shilling, £122.10.0
Craigbill is worth to him thirty pound, inde £30.0.0
Mackroun worth to him ten pound, inde £10.0.0
Dalshini is worth to him thirty pound, inde £30.0.0
The Hoile Croft worth to him twenty pound, £20.0.0
Mackrows is worth to him yearly thirty pounds, £30.0.0
Laird of Lag has pertaining to him within the said parish three hundred sixty-six pound, inde £366.0.0
Dalskairth worth an hundred and fifty pound, inde £150.0.0
Woodhead worth yearly fifty pound, inde £50.0.0
Mochrum, Armanoch, and Quarterland, worth sixty-nine pound, inde £69.0.0
Earl of Annandale has Kargen and Corruchan, is worth an thousand one hundred seven pound two shilling eight pence, inde £1107.2.8
Of multures worth to him yearly two hundred and thirty-three pound fifteen shilling ten pence, £233.15.10
Deduce of this rent of teynd payable to the Earl of Nithsdale an hundred pound, inde £100.0.0
Mr Cuthbert Cunninghame has Conheath, worth yearly forty pound fifteen shilling seven pence, £40.15.7
The Brae worth thirty pound, inde £30.0.0
Cassayland worth to him yearly twelve pound, inde £12.0.0
Conheath's Terrachtie worth an hundred fortie-one pound thirteen shilling four-pence £141.13.4
Fellhead worth to him yearly thirty-six pound five shilling, inde £36.5.0
Kergan brig-croft worth eighteen pound two shilling six-pence, inde £18.2.6
Lord Dirlton's Drungans worth two hundred and twenty-five pounds, inde £225.0.0
Chapman Lays worth thirty pound, inde £30.0.0
Couristains worth an hundred and five pound, inde £105.0.0
The Aikers worth forty-five pound, inde £45.0.0
The Garroch worth an hundred seventeen pound sixteen shilling and three pennies, inde £117.16.3
William Newall's part of Terrachtie worth thirty pound, inde £30.0.0
Richard Rogerson and Gilbert McQhua worth twelve pound, inde £12.0.0
John Anderson is worth twelve pound, inde £12.0.0
William Davidson is worth twelve pound, inde £12.0.0
Stairheugh is worth fifty pound, inde £50.0.0
Holme is worth an hundred sixty-five pound, multure and teind deduced, £165.0.0
The Bank Aikers is worth thirty pound, inde £30.0.0
Harbert Lewar's Kirkland-Croft worth ten pound, inde £10.0.0
John Maxwell the clerk his outfield is worth seventy-four pound, £74.0.0
Thomas Irving his Cargen-brig-croft worth eighteen pound, £18.0.0
Gallahill worth sixteen pound, inde £16.0.0
Suffukhill worth eighteen pound, inde £18.0.0
The lands of Staikfuird is worth fourscore ten pound, inde £90.0.0
The Miln of Staikfuird and Mains thereof, with Stain-house, worth an hundred twenty-five pound, inde £125.0.0
Be remembered Janet Caird is only to pay for twenty-three pound of the said rent of Miln of Staikfuird, and the master of all the rest.
PARISH OF TROQUEER. £ s. d. £ s. d.
JAMES MAXWELL, of Kirkconnell, *Part of Kirkconnell, £514.0.0
Part of Mabie, viz Gillfoot, Whinnyhill, Nethertown, Eelburn, Greenmerse, and part of Cruiks £186.0.0 £700.0.0
WILLIAM STOTHERT, of Cargen, *Cargen, £615.0.0
Harbert Lewars' Kirkland Croft, £10.0.0
Part of Carruchan, £237.2.8 £862.2.8
RICHARD HOWAT, of Mabie, *Part of Mabie, viz Mains of Mabie, Dalchinnie, Craigbill, Marthrown, Holecroft, Hillhead, Dullarg or Burnside, Butterhole, Bridysholm, and part of Cruiks, £328.0.0
ROBERT MAITLAND, of Goldie-Lea, Part of Holm, £145.0.0
Holm Multures, £82.10.0
Part of Drungans, £128.8.6 £355.18.6
GEORGE MAXWELL, of Carruchan, Part of Carruchan, £225.0.0
Cunningham's Cargenbridge Croft otherwise Cruik's Croft, £12.0.0 £237.0.0
WILLIAM MAITLAND, of Auchlane, *Dalskairth, £150.0.0
*Lightwater-ford, (part of Holm) £20.0.0
Part of Drungans, £51.11.6 £221.11.6
Miss JEAN GRACIE, Garroch, £100.16.0
Kilnford, £17.0.0
Moortrieknowe, £5.0.0
Irving's Cargenbridge Croft, £18.0.0
Provost Irving's Three Acres, £20.0.0 £160.16.0
Mrs CLEMINTINA HERRIES MAXWELL, of Munches, Nether Terraughty, £141.13.4
Chapmanleys, £30.0.0 £171.13.4
Major-Gen. [General] MATTHEW SHARPE, of Hoddam, Terraughty Miln, £60.0.0
Fellend, £36.15.0
Starryheugh, £50.0.0 £146.15.0
ROBERT CARRICK, of Braco, *Meikle and Little Auchenfads, Half Merkland of Whitehill, Millhill and Crofts of Loshes, comprehending Catoak, (all parts of Kirkconnell) £146.0.0
THOMS CORRIE, of Culloch, *Priestlands (part of Redbank) £74.0.0
*Another part of Redbank, £44.0.0 £118.0.0
EDWARD BOYD, of Mertonhall, *Woodhead, £50.0.0
Marthrown, Armanogh, & Quarterland, £69.0.0 £119.0.0

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Garroch [note] cr chr [crown charter] W.G. Farquhar 24 Mar [March] 1847

EDWARD BOYD, of Mertonhall, [note] now H H Dudgeon

WILLIAM MAITLAND, of Auchlane [note] now J Lenox

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