Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Parish of Crossmichael
William K. Laurie of Redcastle Airds £126.13.4
Mr. Donald and Miss Lauries Crofts and Teinds £354.0.0
Kirkland and Teinds £79.0.0
John Napier of Mollance Mollance and Teinds £61.0.0
Ernanity and Teinds £65.0.0
Meikle Dryburgh and Teinds £113.0.0
Little Dryburgh and Teinds £101.0.0
Dunjarg and Teinds £117.13.4
Gerrantoun and Teinds £102.0.0
Part of Upper Clarebrand £13.0.0
Part of Nether Clarebrand £19.12.6
Miln of Milnlands of Crossmichael £40.0.0
Sir Alexander Gordon Knight Part of Chappelerne and Teinds £148.0.0
Largnean and Teinds £108.13.4
James Hannay of Blairinnie Blairinnie £66.13.4
Glengappack £82.13.4
The Reverend Doctor David Lamont Erncrogo £95.0.0
John Lamont Hillotoun and Teinds £100.14.0
David McCulloch of Leaths Blackerne and Teinds £102.0.0
John Heron of Ingliston Chapmantoun and Teinds £149.7.0
Sir William Douglas Baronet Gordon of Auchendolly Blackpark and Teinds £96.0.0
Auchendolly £111.13.4
Trowdale £70.0.0
Sir William Douglas Baronet Gordon of Auchendolly Kilnotrie and Balgerran £75.0.0
Upper Ernarnrie £40.0.0
Ernfillan £48.0.0
Mossside £32.0.0
Robert Nasmith Carmichael Clark of Culgruff Culgruff £107.0.0
Temple Land £20.0.0
Peter Laurie Ernespie £125.0.0
Lieutenant James McHaffie Fuffock £27.10.0
William Rae Dunjarg £13.15.0
John Muir Dunmuir £13.15.0
Alexander Copland Rhon Park £12.0.0
Part of Kirkland £2.10.0
George Graham Part of Nether Clarebrand £12.5.6
Part of Hillotoun £1.19.0
John Wilson Burnbrae £18.0.0
James Campbell Landfield £10.10.0
Springfield £8.0.0
James Oliver Hardyeard £8.0.0
James McClelland Ringanwhy £4.0.0
James Raffell Stayvoyage Croft £4.0.0
Total Valuation of the Burgh of Crossmichael £3461.0.0

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