Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Parish of Balmaghie continued
William Kennedy Laurie of Redcastle Hemphill £10.0.0
Lochanbreck £37.0.0
Darngarrogh £20.0.0
Bellymack £50.0.0
Granogh alias Woodhall £75.0.0
Half of Quintenespie £32.0.0
Cunningham of Duchrae Mains of Dughraw £190.0.0
Meikle Dughraw £78.0.0
Little Dughraw £50.0.0
Ternorrogh £48.0.0
Drumglass £35.0.0
Upper Drumglass and Barbeck £80.0.0
Ulogh £133.6.8
Urogh £135.0.0
Two Craigs £70.0.0
Drumbreck £36.0.0
Clonny £70.0.0
James Burnet of Craigend Half of Quintenespie £32.0.0
Society for propagating Christ: Knono Threave Grange £267.16.8
Robert Gordon of Threave Grange Little Mains of Threave Grange and Broad Meadow £132.3.4
Messrs. Stotts Isle and Fishing of Threave £20.0.0
Total Valuation of the Parish of Balmaghie £3561.0.0
Parish of Bootle
James Douglas of Orchardtoun Almorness and Lunds thereof £406.0.0
Orchardtoun £320.0.0
Little Castlegowr £50.0.0
Craigtoun £151.0.0
Clonyards £10.0.0
Blackbelly £68.0.0
Mrs. Agnes Maxwell of Munches Meikle Castlegowr of Teinds thereof £139.0.0
Munches £100.0.0
Cullinaw £25.0.0
Barchain £20.0.0
Marnogh £20.0.0
Bootle £150.0.0
Guffogland £75.0.0
Auchengate £20.0.0
David McCulloch of Leaths of Cannay of Torrs Meikle Leaths and Teinds thereof £206.0.0
Corraw £95.0.0
John Kerr Seroggiehill and Midtown and Teinds thereof £100.0.0
Doctor John Allan McCartney Halketleaths £90.0.0
Broadleaths £10.0.0
West Logan £81.13.4
Meikle Knox £175.0.0
Robert Maxwell of Cerries's Breagh £150.0.0
Hopehead and Teinds thereof £33.0.0
John Staig Milntown and Teinds thereof £112.0.0
The Reverend Doctor James Muirhead East Logan £163.6.8
Sir William Douglas Baronet Cool and Teinds thereof £160.0.0
John Cannon Little Knox and Teinds thereof £80.0.0
William Reid Kirkennan and Meikle Kirkland £105.0.0
Robert McNaught Barloghan £150.0.0
John McMeichan Corbietoun and Teinds thereof £166.0.0
Total Valuation of the Parish of Bootle £3461.0.0

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