Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Parish of Parton continued
Alexander Wylie of Corsock Marnhowle £40.0.0
Two Auchenvass £55.0.0
Arvie and Nielson £60.0.0
Nether Armanogh £50.0.0
Upper Corsock £150.0.0
Thomas Young of Youngfied Clerk Meikle Mochrum £100.0.0
Little Mochrum £40.0.0
Nether Corsock £150.0.0
Two Blackhills £40.0.0
Mrs. Muter Upper Armanogh £40.0.0
James Crosbie Meikle Merkland £75.0.0
Total Valuation of the Parish of Parton £2545.0.0
Parish of Rerwick
Mrs. Stewart Mary Heron of Heron Netherlaw Parks and Barcheshie £622.0.0
Outer Netherlaw £100.0.0
Chappelton £229.0.0
Place Crofts £50.0.0
Nether Miln £50.0.0
Mrs. Stewart Maitland of Dundrinan Over Hazelfield £90.0.0
Girddingwood £200.0.0
Castle Creavie £100.0.0
Flat and Longrig £90.0.0
Mains and Newlaw £80.0.0
Monks Muir £20.0.0
Bullion Croft £20.0.0
Sourside Croft £10.0.0
Midcroft £10.0.0
Barr of Newlaw £20.0.0
Gill in Abbey £40.0.0
Heard Croft £20.0.0
Clonrig £70.0.0
Stockbridge £10.0.0
Holm Croft £15.0.0
John Rain's Tack £12.10.0
William Black's Tack £22.10.0
Alexander Murray of Broughton Drumbuie £35.0.0
East Kirkcarsell £112.10.0
West Kirkcarsell £77.10.0
Barclay £150.0.0
Culnaightry £235.0.0
Nether Auchenleck £35.0.0
Nether Hazelfield £95.0.0
Drungans £50.0.0
Blackford £30.0.0

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Another example of this lady's name being the wrong way round ie it should have read, Mrs. Mary Stewart Heron of Heron and not as recorded here in the original document (Mrs. Stewart Mary Heron of Heron)

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