Proprietors and lands Property valuation Property totals
Scots Money
£ [pounds] ss [shillings] d [pennies]
Brought over Sixty five Thousand two hundred ninty four pounds Seventeen Shilling £65294.17.0
Valuation of the united Parish of Kineff and Catterline Four Thousand Three hundred Nine pounds, Ninteen Shilling Scotts money £4309.19.0
Valuation of the Parish of Mary Culture One Thousand Six hundred Twenty Six pounds One Shilling and four pennies Scots money £1626.1.4
Valuation of the Parish of Nigg one thousand Five hundred Sixty two pounds Six Shilling Scots money £1562.6.0
Valuation of the Parish of Strachan Two Thousand one hundred Twenty Seven Pounds one Shilling Scotts money £2127.1.0
Totall Sum of the Valuation of the Shire of Kincardine Seventy Four Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Pounds four Shilling and four pennies Scots money £74920.4.4
NB there is 6 ss [shillings] & 8 d [pennies] Short in Suming Fettercardine So the Totall is £74921.1.0

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[Page] 24

At Stonehaven the Seventeenth Day of May One thousand
Seven Hundred and fourty Five Years In Presence of Sir
Alexander Ramsay of Balmain, Sir William Ogilvy of Barras
Baronetts, John Douglas of Tilliequhilly, John Douglas of Inchmarloe,
Robert Barclay of Urie, Robert Barclay younger of Urie, James
Burnett of Monboddoe, James Thomson of Portlethen, Thomas
Tulloh of Bridgetoun, Alexander Ramsay of Leapie Robert
Ramsay of Thainstoun, John Young of Stank Arthur Straton of
Kirkside, Robert Thomson of Badintoy and Alexander Schank
of Bridgefoord Commissioners of Supply of the Shire of Kincardine
Mett this day and Place by Appointment of the Act of Parlia-
ment Anno Decimo octavo Georgii Secundi Regis In order to
Choise their Collector The said John Arbuthnott being chosen

The saids Commissioners Having Considered their former

[signed] James Leith

[Page] 25

former Minute dated the Seventh day of August last Whereby the
said John Young was appointed to make out a Clean Coppie of
the Valuation of the said Shire Conform to which, the Land Tax & other
publick Burdens are presently levied And the said John Young
having this day produced to them the foresaid Valuation as the
Same is Contained on the twenty four preceeding pages, Which
Valuation being Considered by the saids Commissioners They
Approve thereof And Ordains the Same to be the Standart
of the Valuation of the said Shire in time coming And Ordains
the Land tax and all other publick Burdens to be Levied
confirm thereto in time coming And the saids Commissioners
Appoint the said John Arbuthnott their Preses to Subscrive
all the pages of the said Valuation in their Name (So Signed)
John Arbuthnott Preces

[signed] James Leith Clk [Clerk]

I James Leith Clerk to the Commissioners of Supply of the Shire of
Kincardine Do hereby certify That the above and twenty four
preceeding pages Do Contain a just and exact Copy of the Valuation
of the whole Lands lying within the said County Conform to which
the said Lands pay Cess and other publick Burdens within the
Same Extracted from the principal Valuation Book of the
said Shire And Subscribed by me At Stonehaven the Sixth Day
of May One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty four Years.

[signed] James Leith Clk [Clerk]

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