Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Note 1. This sum of £2331.0.0 was formerly disjoined thus Lands purchased by Robert Stark per D. 11 September 1746 No. 190 £94.0.0
Lands purchased by by Henry Wellwood per D. 11 September 1746 No. 191 as before £614.0.0
Lands belonging to Mr Andrew Ayton per D.11 June 1767 No. 324 £796.3.6
Lands still effeiring to Mr Colville per D. 11 June 1767 No. 324 £829.16.6
[Total] £2331.0.0
Note. 1. On 13 September 1753, No. 245, the valued rent of Wester Inzievar feued to James Taylor was found to be £440.8.4 which was accordingly disjoined from I. Erskine's other valued rents without prejudice to "the clause in the feu contract betwixt the said Mr John Erskine and James Taylor whereby the said James and his successors are obliged to relieve the said Mr John Erskine of the cess and other public burdens out of the said lands of W. Inzievar at the rate of £448.0.0 Scots of valued rent which
clause is still reserved in full force to the said John Erskine" &c.

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