Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Falkland Parish Scots
William Watson Part of Fruchie £4.0.0
William Adamson Part of Fruchie £24.0.0
James Alison Part of Falkland lands £8.0.0
Mrs Skene Dairnie £147.0.0
William Wilson Easter Ballo £194.13.4
George Allan part of Fruchie £4.0.0
Major Seton Balinblae £254.6.8
Major Seton Lawsons part of Balinblae £9.0.0
Sundries Falkland lands formerly Ann Colquhoun's £82.10.0
Wiliam Inglis Wester Conland £179.10.0
Henry Couper Part of Falkland lands £7.0.0
Arthur Law Drums £370.0.0
John Duncan Part of Newton of Falkland £79.0.0
William Johnston Part of Newton of Falkland £30.0.0
James Forsyth Part of Falkland lands £10.10.0
Charles Moyess Easter Glasslie £186.14.2
Dr [Doctor] Henry Miller Portion of Fruchie £6.0.0
George Kay Portion of Fruchie £100.0.0
George Kennedy Part of Falkland lands £14.10.0
Carried forward £1710.14.2

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