Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Copy Excerpt from the Old Valued Rent Roll of the Parish of Kinglassie in the County of Fife revised in 1884
Parish of Kinglassie
Roger Sinclair Ayton Part of Collairnies Kinninmonth be-north the Queensferry Road £9.4.7
Inchdairnie £655.0.0
Teinds thereof (Lord Yester) £84.0.0
Goatmilk £608.0.0
Teinds thereof (Lord Yester) £20.0.2
Teinds thereof (Lord Dunfermline) £26.1.0
Auchmoor £316.10.0
Teinds of Inchdairnie (Lord Dunfermline) £30.11.6
Teinds of part of Cullairnie's Kinninmonth benorth the Queensferry Road £1.7.2
Redwalls £268.0.0
Teinds thereof £6.14.9 6/12
Finmonth £328.0.0
Teinds (Earl of Dunfermline) £8.4.11 6/12
[Total] £2361.14.2
Robert Glass Part of Cullairnies Kinninmonth lying be-east the new Road & be-north the Kirkness Road £166.3.1
Part lying be-west the said new Road & be-north the Kirkness Road £58.3.1
Parts be-south the Kirkness Road £18.9.3
Teinds £35.14.8
[Total] £278.10.1

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