Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Balmerino Parish Continued Scots
Brought over £4036.14.1
James Anderson Portion of Bottomcraig £4.10.2
Thomas Melville Portion of Bottomcraig £4.10.2
James Part of West Scur £21.15.7
Three Acres of Balgove £18.0.0
[total] £4085.10.0
Ceres Parish
Thomas Stark Barony Teasses £870.13.4
Thomas Stark Feu duty of Barony Teasses £11.8.0
William Bethune Magask £254.0.0
John Hay Nether Magask £171.0.0
Marchioness of Titchfield Scotstarvit Barony £857.13.4
Earl of Crawfurd Struthers Barony £1345.0.0
James Wemyss £77.12.0
James Wemyss Feu duty of Struthers Barony £16.15.9
Oliver Gourlay Gourlays ⅔rds Baltilly £196.0.0
Oliver Gourlay Feu duties of ⅔rds Baltilly £42.0.0
John Shanks Shanks 3rd of Baltilly £121.13.4
John Shanks Feu duties of 3rd of Baltilly £15.2.2
Feu duties of Over & Nether Magusk £101.3.11
Miss Halkerston Carskerdo £334.0.0
John Anstruther Thomson Newbigging of Craighall, Westmains of Craighall, Lands of Ceres Newbigging, and the lands of Ladeddy and part of the Barony of Craighall now called Charleton £1031.0.0
Honble [Honourable] John Hope Remaining Barony of Craighall £2740.9.2
[total] £8,185.11.0
Colessie Parish
William Walker Daftmiln £121.0.0
William Johnston Drumtenant £170.10.0
James Heriot Portion of Ballomill £52.6.8
Earl of Leven Hallhill £513.10.0
David Heggie & James Walker Portions of Hallhill £6.0.0
John Wallace Newton £183.0.0
James Henderson Portion of Ballomill £13.13.4
Thomas Kinnear Wester Kinloch £492.0.0
The Barony of Weddersbie originally £1,603.6.8
Disjoined as follows
David Johnston Weddersbie and the lands of Gaden or Catven £425.15.6
David Johnston West half of the lands of Hatton or Hattonhill £75.3.8
David Johnston Easter & Wester Collessie Mill and Mill lands £369.10.6
David Johnston Caldwells £176.9.6
David Johnston East half of Hatton or Hattonhill £77.4.0
David Johnston Bowhouse of Weddersbie £288.3.4
David Johnston Shiels of Weddersbie £251.0.2 £1603.6.8
David Johnston That part of the Barony of Rossie called Grays Cullo and South Quarter £114.8.0
John Cheape Easter Kilwhiss £147.7.0
John Cheape Channel Bridge and Easter Rossie & Knowhead £601.6.11
John Cheape Wester Rossie £317.3.5
John Cheape Lumquhat Mill and Mill Lands £66.6.3
John Cheape Dubbs formerly called Inchmanhill £47.19.8
John Cheape Lands in natural possession of Mr Cheape £570.1.11 £1750.5.4
Carried forward £5020.0.0

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