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Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Burntisland Parish Scots
General Ayton Half of Lands of Over Grange £531.0.0
General Ayton Teinds thereof £72.12.3
David Knox Part of Grange £12.15.7 6/12
James Hutchison Craigkelly £131.0.0
General Ayton Lochiebennet £100.0.0
General Ayton part of Grange £307.8.11 10/12
Robert Wemyss part of Grange £248.2.0 8/12
John Anderson £55.10.0
William Ferguson Sillybabee £272.0.0
Teinds thereof £57.8.4 £329.8.4
Lord Balmuto Orrock £404.16.8
Teinds thereof £51.5.10 £456.2.6
Robert Beatson Croftangry £44.11.8
David Black Quarter £387.8.4
Murdoch Campbell Rosend £476.9.2
Robert Wemyss 2 acres of East Quarter called Creech butts £6.14.2
Murdoch Campbell 4 acres of old belonging to Gilbert Melville £19.4.0
Robert Wemyss 3 acres of old belonging to Gilbert Melville £14.8.0
Remaining lands of old belonging to Robert Melville £14.8.0
Isobel Brugh £48.6.8
Marquis of Tweddale Teinds of Grange Durie £13.5.2
Teinds of Over Grange and Lochiebennet £51.0.10
Teinds £429.14.3
Earl of Morton Part of Duncarne £306.13.4
Dr [Doctor] Charles Stuart Part of Duncarne £153.6.8
Carron Company Newbigging £578.10.0
Widows rent £120.0.0
Andrew Robertson £23.0.0
Carried over £4931.0.0

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Part of Duncarne [note] Vizt Stenhouse & Moyhouse

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