Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
St. Andrews Parish Continued Scots
Brought forward £21514.10.6 8/12
James Pringles's Part of Strathkinnes £14.16.8
Prior acres £4181.8.2
Mr Campbell £120.6.8
£25.831.2.0 8/12
Of this Parish carried to Cameron Parish being Denork and Balrymouth £794.12.6
£ 8/12
St. Monance Parish
Sir Robert Anstruther Abercrombie £1463.6.8
Sir John Anstruther Newark £1273.13.4
Auchterderran Parish Scots
General Wemyss formerly Countess of Wemyss Little Raith £280.0.0
Robert Ferguson Cardon £1292.6.8
Mrs Aytoun Balgreigie £423.0.0
Rev. [Reverend] Mr Shanks Gleniston £309.0.0
Sir Thomas Moncrieff Capeldrae and Redhouse originally £592.0.0
Sold to John Reddie £200.0.0 £392.0.0
John Reddie Redhouse £200.0.0
Sir Thomas Moncrieff Boghall £321.0.0
Sir Thomas Moncrieff Nether Strathuddie £177.0.0
disjoined thus
A. Abercrombies part of Nether Strathuddie £118.0.0
W Christies part of Nether Strathuddie £59.0.0
David Wemyss Pitkennie £311.13.4
Roger Ayton Easter Bowhill £227.0.0
Roger Ayton Wester Bowhill £242.6.8
John Syme Easter Cartmore £147.0.0
Robert Ferguson Beg and Colean formerly Countess of Rothes £470.0.0
Miss Clephane Powguild £579.0.0
Lord Minto Wester Lochgelly £343.0.0
Lord Minto Kininmonth £1122.0.0
Miss Clephane Little Balgonie formerly Riddle of Grange £601.6.8
partly disjoined thus
Wallsgreen £120.0.0
Park of Little Balgonie £80.0.0
Smiddyhill £42.0.0
Knobs £30.0.0
Inglishall £55.0.0
Jamphlars £160.0.0

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Mr Campbell [note] Orrock's part of Byrehills £67.6.8 &
Robert Carstairs & Janet Greigs part £53.0.0

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Kirkaldy Presbytery

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