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Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
St. Andrews Parish Continued Scots
Brought forward £14393.4.11
William Lindsay Wester Balmungo £53.0.0
Robert Meldrum Bonnytown £362.6.[-]
Norman Hill Brownhills £348.1.[-]
William Lindsay Cairnsmill £275.10.[-]
Doctor Nairne Clairmont £212.13.[4]
Richard Baynes acres £5.14.[-]
Denhead £97.6.8
Messrs Nairne & McRitchie Denhead £119.6.8
John McRitchie Denork Easter & Wester £209.8.[0]
James H Rigg part of Denork £29.18.8
David Wemyss Denbrae £93.10.3
Alexander Part of Byrehills £142.0.0
James Foster Baynes New Grange £221.6.8
D. Wemyss & J. Pringle Gauston and Dewarsmill £130.19.10
James Hutton & William Marr £30.19.0
John Hogg £13.6.8
James H. Rigg Steins Kincaple £769.11.8
James H. Rigg Martins Kincaple £56.5.2
William Haig Gooldmans Kincaple £73.10.0
Norman Rice Kinglassie £125.0.0
Col. [Colonel] Ramsay Kinkell £728.16.8
John McRitchie & James Nairne Longrains Denhead £63.10.0
Lawmill and St Andrews Torrie £62.6.8
Grange Malcolm £27.0.0
William Morris £17.1.8
Robert Meldrum £25.9.8
David Melvill £60.8.2
William Morris £20.0.4
William Bethune Nydie £500.0.0
Carried forward £19267.13.1 8/12
St. Andrews Parish Continued Scots
Brought forward £19267.13.1 8/12
Miss Sommerville St Nicolow £306.0.0
John Goodfellow &c Pipeland £148.19.4
College of Glasgow Pikie Waulkmill £126.0.0
David Philp Part of Byrehills £69.6.8
David Glass Wallace Polduff £102.13.4
Norman Hill Little Polduff £75.0.0
Robert Richard £9.6.8
Robert Richard £32.11.10
Thomas Service £100.1.5
David Glass Smiddygreen £258.13.10
Thirlage effuring to the Lands of Byrehills, Polduff, Kinglassie and Kingask £27.6.2
Col. [Colonel] Wemyss part of New Grange £270.0.0
Robert Low part of Clatto £97.9.4
James H Rigg Newton Geddie £216.11.4
James H. Rigg Lindsay's Newton £185.13.4
Robert Dykes part of New Grange £80.0.6
James Thomson's portion of New Grange £54.2.6
George Brown's portion of New Grange £40.19.2
William Marr's portion of New Grange £13.1.11
James Wilson's portion of New Grange £7.5.6
Alexander Brown's portion of New Grange £4.11.8
Mr Wemyss's portion of New Grange £2.18.2
Mr Fordyce's remaining portion of New Grange £4.7.3
Sir William Murray's portion of East and West Grange £13.17.6
Carried over £21514.10.6 8/12

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James H. Rigg - part of Denork - note. This OVR [Old Valued Rent] should have been charged to younger
Steins Kincaple - Dairsie's Kincaple £481.13.6 Feu duties Lentron's Kincaple £154.13.4 Part of Paterson's portions of Kincaple £133.4.10
Martins Kincaple - (remainder of Paterson's portion of Kincaple

Grange Malcolm [note] Formerly David Lindsay/Part of Strath Kinness

William Morris [note] Formerly William Fortoun) Part of Strath Kinness

Robert Meldrum [note] Part of Strath Kinness

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Robert Richard [notes] (formerly John Morris. Part of Strathkinness)
(Part of Strathkinness)

Thomas Service [note] (Formerly Isobel Scott)

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