Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Pittenweem Parish Scots
Feuars of Anstruther Lands £64.10.0
Ann Brown Lands £4.0.0
George Henderson Lands £49.12.6
Thomas Horsburgh Lands £27.6.8
Kirk box Lands £48.6.8
David Mair Lands £49.12.6
Kirk box of Anstruther Wester Lands £33.0.0
Kirk box of Ely Lands £48.0.0
Kirk box of Pittenweem Lands £181.9.2
James Martin Lands £70.14.8
John Reid Lands £52.13.4
William Ramsay Lands £46.15.2
Alexander Dempster Lands £24.0.0
Trades box of Anstruther Lands £22.0.0
Helen Dempster Lands £12.0.0
Sea box of Ely Lands £37.10.0
Trades box of Anstruther Lands £43.0.0
James Yule Lands £36.14.0
Sir John Anstruther Lands £717.0.0
Sir Robert Anstruther Lands £245.3.4
Baillie Tod Lands £40.0.0
Sea box of Pittenweem Lands £271.1.10
Sea Box of Anstruther Easter Lands £120.3.4
Trades Box of Pittenweem Lands £35.6.8
John Aitchison now Lands £20.0.0
Robert Stevenson Lands £144.6.8
St. Andrews Parish Scots
United College Easter Balrymouth £364.11.9
Scooniehill £135.15.6
Newmill £74.15.10
Pitmilly meadow £45.8.1
That portion of New Grange which belonged to the College in 1695 £66.15.6
These acres of the Priory of St Andrews which belonged to the College in 1695 £353.0.0
That part of Fordyces New Grange £81.6.8
These acres of old belonging to Mr Halyburton afterwards to the heirs of Principal Watson £52.0.0
These acres of Land of old belonging to Alexander Dickieson £22.10.0
These twenty two acres and two roods of land of the priory of St Andrews £231.3.9
General Melville Strathkinnes stated in the Valuation Books in the name of Lord Burleigh £556.13.4
That portion of the Lands of Strathkinnes of old belonging to James Nicolson afterwards to John Patie £31.10.0
The half of that portion of Strathkinnes formerly belonging to Foggo, and afterwards to Lyel £14.16.8
Carried forward £2030.7.1

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Note. of the lands in this Parish Wm James Baird of Elie has
reduced Casualties on basis of an OVR [Old Valued Rent] of £1030.6.8 Scots

Marts [Martinmas] Term 1807. Crown charter of Resign "&c to Sir John Anstruther Bt [Baronet]
& Ots [Others] Trs [Trustees] of deceased Sir John Anstruther of parts of Barony of Anstruther
called Pittenweem - holden Feu & Blinch OVR [Old Valued Rent] of Book £1930.6.8 Scots

the OVR [Old Valued Rent] is presumed to be a
clerical error. According to File 299 it should have been £1030.6.8

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General Melville [note] younger

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