Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Auchtermuchty Parish Continued Scots
Brought forward £5249.6.2
James Richardson £10.10.0
Thomas Page part of James Richardsons £6.0.0
James Storar £3.10.0
James Watson £11.7.0
James Whyte £5.5.0
Andrew Johnston part of James Wilsons £4.0.0
Andrew Johnston part of John Hardies £2.9.3 £6.9.3
Mrs Russell part of her Fathers lands £7.7.9
James Robertson part of James Wilson's £4.12.0
John Ogilvie £24.10.0
John Fernie £20.0.0
John Kinloch £13.0.0
John Lumsden £6.0.0
John Muckarsie £3.2.0
John Skinner £12.0.0
John Sim formerly -- £3.0.0 Part of J. Marshalls Lands -- £9.5.0 £12.5.0
Grizel Muckarsie £17.8.0
John Smith £12.13.0
Alexander Paton part of John Smiths £6.9.0
Alexander Rintoul This is Lochies (cr chr. [crown charter] Alexander Rintoul lands Term 1796) £39.0.0
Kings Miln £48.0.0
Robert Rankine formerly -- £12.6.0 Robert Glass's lands -- £6.0.0 £18.6.0
John Skinner Hills £13.0.0
William Rollo Hills £13.0.0
Richard Stark Miln Tail £12.5.0
Richard Tosh £9.0.0
Thomas Chalmers £8.2.0
Thomas Wilson £12.10.0
Thomas Simson £13.3.4
William Scott formerly -- £6.10.0 from Mr Kelty -- £3.0.0 £9.10.0
William Elder £13.0.0
William Millar Broombrae £22.5.9
William Young formerly £50.8.8
William Young formerly Binkeyflat part of J Marshalls £11.0.0 £61.8.8
Francis Webster £17.6.8
John Beveridge £8.13.4
Peter Roy formerly £12.0.0
Peter Roy part of J Marshall's lands £2.17.0 £14.17.0
Robert Wishart Hills £6.0.0
Mrs Gardner £2.6.0
William Niven £3.0.0
Henry Birrell part of J Marshalls £7.2.0
[total] £5783.9.11
Balmerino Parish
Alexander Wedderburn Grange, commonly called Grange Scrymgeour £434.13.4
Alexander Wedderburn Corby and Birkhill £413.0.0
Alexander Wedderburn part of Lands of Coultra called Patons Lands £2.13.2
Alexander Wedderburn part of Lands of Coultra called Patons Lands £2.13.2
Alexander Wedderburn Part of said Lands formerly belonging to Elspeth Niven £23.10.3
Alexander Wedderburn Part of said Lands £52.12.4
Alexander Wedderburn Part of said Lands called Rawvitt and Duchrons Lands £17.19.10
Earl of Moray Lordship of Balmerino £731.10.0
Earl of Moray Part of Grange Balfour £60.0.0
Earl of Moray part of lands belonging to the small Heritors £60.1.8
Earl of Moray Part of Bottomcraig £22.1.4
Earl of Moray part of the [blank] of Airdits lands of Scur and Scrougieside £30.0.0
Dr [Doctor] John Stark Robertson Bundean £88.6.8
James Morison Naughton Barony originally £1900.0.0
Part of Scur and Scrougieside £24.6.8
Deduce 3 acres of Balgove £18.0.0
Rashillet got the Superiority of John Mahons but the property seems to have gone to Naughton being £17.18.8 £1924.3.4
Alexander Preston Kilburns £25.0.0
John Ballingall Portion of Coultra £62.9.4
George Henderson Portion of Coultra £31.14.2
Thomas Howieson Pitmonie £36.16.8
Carried forward £4036.14.1

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