Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brackmont £516.0.0
Col. [Colonel] Spens Kittatie £152.13.4
Thomas Lawson Pitlethie £314.0.0
William Dalgleish Southail £122.0.0
Robert B Henderson Earlshall £1594.0.0
Adam Ferguson Pitcullo £985.0.0
Honble [Honourable] Robert Lindsay Leuchars £3947.3.10
James Morison Seggie £521.6.8
James Cheape Pusk £483.17.9
Seggiehill £233.11.9
Meldrums dron £376.0.0
John Anstruther Airdit £840.6.8
David Gillespie Cowbakie £246.16.8
Thomson's part of Fetters £34.10.0
Meldrums part of Dron £14.0.0
Robert Meldrum Edenbank £116.0.0
Walkers Dron £43.13.4
[total] £10541.0.0
Newburn Parish
Col. [Colonel] Dewar Wester Lathallan £281.6.8
Woods Hospital Monturpie £362.6.8
Mathew Wilkie Cooks portion of Newburn £192.0.0
James Bruce Balchrystie formerly Lindsay and Wilsons £294.0.0
John A. Thomson Coates £648.0.0
John A. Thomson Teinds of Coates £135.9.10
Mrs Halkett Craigie Hallhill £2402.7.6
Marquis of Tweddale Feu & Teind duties £215.9.4

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Adam Ferguson [notes]
Andrew Pitcairn's part £258.8.4
James Walker's part £254.14.7
John Inglis' Part £193.12.6
Oliver Russells Part £278.5.7

Honble [Honourable] Robert Lindsay Note
Lord Balcarres £3715.17.1
Farm if Kinshaldie £41.19.0
Guardbridge Paper Co. Trs [Trustees] £100.0.0
Garpet £81.13.9

James Morison [note]
who has remainder?
Part of Muir of Seggie called Williamstadh

Meldrums dron [notes]
(Clayton £40.6.5) 5/12 of North Dron £74.16.10 (South Dron £168; 7/12 of North Dron £92.16.9
Clayton £40.6.5 to be dealt with. Cr. [Crown] charter to Patrick Walker of Clayton 20 Dec. [December] 1808.

John Anstruther [note]
Balmullo £298.4.6 - Remainder accounted for also

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