Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
COPY OLD VALUED RENT ROLL of Parish of Crail 1926 Scots
Sir Thomas Wilfred Hargreaves Erskine Bart. [Baronet] of Cambo Easter Newhall £331.7.7
Wester Newhall £235.3.7
Mill and Mill Lands of Newhall £69.13.8
Letham and Martin £170.8.6
Airdrie £749.0.0
Eight acres of Arable Land commonly called Broadleys divided into four enclosures £122.16.4
Peter Duncan for Toldrie Farm, Airdrie Estate £114.14.2
Henry Watson, Solicitor, Anstruther The portion consisting of Drumrack and Garstown Lands with the exception of the following part vizt:- the two fields adjoining Redwells Wood being the two Eastmost fields of the four fields on said whole lands on the East side of the road leading from Anstruther to St Andrews and on the South side of the road from Cupar to Crail £145.19.6
Sir Thomas Wilfred Hargreaves Erskine Bart. [Baronet] of Cambo Said excepted two fields of Drumrack & Garstown £28.10.6
Charlton James Blackwell Moneypenny of Pitmilly North East half of Kilminnan £421.9.3
Coaltown Mains of Balcomie and teinds (50 acres) £427.1.10
Craighead (55 acres) £424.10.2
The other half of Kilminnan £429.16.1
Remaining Lands of Coaltown Mains of Balcomie (44acres) £419.18.8
Remaining Lands of Craighead £416.15.10
Lands of Fife Ness with two Houses and yards thereon £33.7.4
Oldleys £85.5.2
Mains of Balcomie £336.5.6
Forward £4962.3.8

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