Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Crail Parish Scots
Earl of Kellie Newhall £806.13.4
John Douglas Pinkerton £438.0.0
Patrick Lindsay Wormiston £1273.0.0
Earl of Kellie Balcomie £3139.13.4
Methven Erskine Ardrie £749.0.0
Miss Moncrieff Broadleys £528.19.4
Andrew Johnston Pittowie £528.13.4
Town of Crail Lands £10.13.4
Thomas Preston Feu duties formerly Lord Blantyre £28.13.4
Miss Moncrieff Sauchopwood £1435.5.8
Mrs Mitchell Ribbonfield formerly P Ramsay £13.6.8
David Peattie formerly W Stevenson £55.6.8
W Peattie £17.6.8
Kirk Session of Crail Lands £19.13.4
Kirk Session of Crail Peatfield £45.0.0
James Foules Part of Barns formerly John Corsar £27.3.4
Methven Erskine Gairton £102.10.0
Methven Erskine Drumrack £72.0.0
Methven Erskine Old Leys or Kirkeanor £204.13.4
James Anderson Lands formerly J Lawson £58.0.0
Mrs Coldstream Lands originally A Bayne £18.0.0
Miss Fairweather Portion of Nakedfield £65.16.0
David & John Peatties Portion of Nakedfield £44.8.6
James Staig Portion of Nakedfield £22.4.2
Fishermans Box Portion of Nakedfield £55.10.7
carried forward £9759.10.11

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