Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Anstruther Easter Parish Scots
Sir Philip Anstruther Anstruther Barony £3458.0.0
Anstruther Wester Parish
Sir Robert Anstruther Balcaskie £149.13.4
Wester Grangemuir £260.0.0
Anstruther Wester Feuars £288.0.0
Town of Pittenweem their lands £12.0.0
Trades Box of Pittenweem their lands £4.10.0
Thomas Bruce Easter Grangemuir £344.0.0
Sir Philip Anstruther his lands originally £367.0.0
William Tod purchased part of his lands originally £80.12.6 £286.7.6
William Tod his portion £80.12.6
Sir Philip Anstruther formerly belonging to the Town of Pittenweem £33.6.8
[total] £1458.10.0
Cameron Parish
James Wemyss Winthank £278.6.8
James C Durham Lathones £421.0.0
John Graham Bonnar Greigston £461.0.0
Thomson Priorletham £201.3.4
Sea Box of Anstruther Cameron £227.0.0
John Thomson Wilkieston etc £745.4.6
David Morris Carngour £104.2.2
Doctor Turnbull Cassindonald £211.14.7½
William Lindsay Feddinch £400.0.0
James Hill Langraw £230.0.0
Thomas Horsburgh Lathochar £417.6.8
General Melvill Craigton £246.12.8
James Home Rigg Drumcarro £265.8.8
John McRitchie Denork £203.8.0
William Bethune Portion of Radernie £256.13.4
James Rutherford Masons Radernie £90.0.0
John Douglas Douglass's Radernie £350.10.9
James Harrower Radernie £108.0.0
James Thomson Radernie £108.0.0
James Brown Radernie £26.9.3
William Dalgleish Gilmerton £103.0.0
Miss Fraser Brighton £47.0.0
Dr [Doctor] Mason Hairmoss £47.0.0
Capt [Captain] Patton Kinnaldy £349.4.6
[total] £5898.5.1½

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