Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Strathmiglo Parish Continued Scots
Brought forward £5454.16.8
Thomas Ireland Over Urquhart £136.0.0
It appears that by an Error in a Disjunction on the 22nd July 1760 Balbirnie was only charged for that part of Corston, which originally belonged to Charles Cowan although he had at that time also that portion which belonged originally to James Beveridge, so that Balbirnies Corton is still £506.6.8
Barony of Balvaird originally valued at £1488.13.4
Barony of Arngask £719.10.0
disjoined thus
George Freer Freers part of Craigfod £140.0.0
Lawrance Bonnar Bonnar's part of Craigfod including Gateside £120.0.0
Balvaird £416.4.0
James Christie Pitgornie Easter £210.0.0
John Murray Forsters Seat £84.0.0
George Cheape Wester Pitgornie £210.0.0
Conland formerly G. Gibb £100.16.0
Arngask £126.0.0
Alexander Low Leaden Urquhart £84.0.0
Buist Pittuncarty formerly A. Anderson £155.3.0
James Richardson Cattochal K. Lowrie £84.0.0
Letham formerly Magnus Gibb £84.0.0
Pittilock formerly Andrew Horn £210.0.0
New Fargie formerly David Peat £100.0.0
Carried forward £7715.0.0

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