Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Monimail Parish Continued
Brought over £1927.0.0 £5066.12.1
Earl of Leven Portion of Letholm formerly belonging to James Spence £131.13.4
Earl of Leven Bonthron's portion of Letholm £131.6.8 £2190.0.0
James Robertson Balgarvie £517.10.0
Thomas Douglas 2 acres formerly belonging to P. Crambie £3.0.0
William Muckarsie 2 acres formerly belonging to P. Crambie £2.10.0
Oliver Gourlay Pitlug £121.9.4
[total] £7901.2.3
Newburgh Parish
Newburgh Parish
Capt [Captain] Robert Cathcart Pitcairly originally £1136.13.4
disjoined thus
Wester Pitcairly £211.18.10
Easter Pitcairly £131.9.10
Parks of Pitcairly £277.15.2
Lumbenny £300.7.0
Easter Colzie £215.2.6
David B. Hay Mugdrum £183.0.0
David B. Hay Lord Lindores lands of Leys £436.0.0
Small Heritors of Newburgh originally £382.0.0
deduce 55 acres purchased by Mr Hay £247.18.2 £134.1.10
Croft Dyke £22.13.4
David Balfour Hay 55 acres of small Heritors Lands £247.18.2
Lord Douglas Feu duties £13.13.4
Strathmiglo Parish
Alexander Low Wester Cask £277.6.8
Mrs Moncrief Skene Wester Pitlour and Pendicle of Knocknarrow £472.0.0
Mrs Moncrief Skene Remaining parts of Pitlour £495.0.0
Mrs Moncrief Skene Westmiln of Strathmiglo £124.0.0
Gospetry £577.13.4
John Balfour Drumdriel £190.0.0
John Balfour Corston including Corstonmill £418.0.0
Mrs Moncrief Skene Glentarkie £297.15.6
Mrs Moncrief Skene Dumbarrow £247.4.6
Mrs Moncrief Skene Kincraigie £336.0.0
Ebenezer Marshall Cashmiln £69.6.8
George Lyon Strathmiglo Acres originally John Bonthron and J. Burt £16.10.0
Balcanqual originally valued at £492.13.4
disjoined thus
Kirk Session of Arngask £37.3.4
James Crambie afterwards John Glass of Forresterseat £18.10.0
Thomas Carmichael £18.10.0
Laurence Wright afterwards John Wright £18.10.0
Bishop of Dumblane £7.0.0
Sir John Hope Balcanqual £400.0.0
Easter Cask and Raecrook originally valued at £761.13.4
disjoined thus
Mrs M. Skene Easter Cask £537.19.8
David Johnston Raecrook £223.13.8
Master of Burleigh originally valued at £584.6.8
Col. [Colonel] Skene £447.9.0
Col. [Colonel] Skene Mill and Mill lands of [Strathmiglo] £86.17.8
Col. [Colonel] Skene formerly D. Walkers portion £50.0.0
John Balfour Beveridges part of Corston £88.6.8
carried forward £5454.16.8

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[note] See letter from Comptroller in Res. of 19th July 1913 that Land Tax is paid by Mrs Hay Neave on OVR [Old Valued Rent] of £1037.6 8 Scots which is the total of the bracketted entries in Roll. [JP]

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