Proprietor and land Valuation
bandon & Coull fyve hunderith sextie eight pund £568.0.0
Kirkforthar Fyve hunderith & twelve pund £512.0.0
pyeston Tuo hunderith & nyntein pund 10sh [shilling] £219.10.0
Carriston Tuo hunderith fyftie on pund £251.0.0
Countes of Weymes Ane thousand thrie hunderith fyftie eight pund 6sh [shilling] 8d [pennies] £1358.6.8
balbirnie nyne hunderith tuentie tuo pund 6sh [shilling] 8d [pennies] £922.6.8
Earle of Leven Thrie thousand thrie hunderith sextie tuo pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £3362.13.4
balfarge Thrie hunderith sextie fyve pund 10sh [shilling] £365.10.0
Laumonds Law fourtie nyne pund 10sh [shilling] £49.10.0
Litle balcurvie fourscore thrie pund £83.0.0
Andrew Landell of burns fourscore on pund £81.0.0
Auchmoutie Fyve hunderith sextie nyne £569.0.0
Thomas Alburne Tuentie four pund 6sh [shilling] 8d [pennies] £24.6.8
balfour sex hunderith & elleven pund £611.0.0
Laues Airds teind Ane hunderith tuentie sex pund 10sh [shilling] £126.10.0
balfoues airds teind seventie tuo pund £72.0.0
Lathones teind sextie nyne pund £69.0.0
Summa Ten Thousand Ane hunderith seventie on pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £10171.13.4
straendrie Ane thousand thrie hunderith nyntie seven £1397.0.0
balfillie Ane hunderith seventie seven pund £177.0.0
Earle of Murray Elleiven pund 6sh [shilling] 8d [pennies] £11.6.8
Countes of Rothes Tuo thousand tuo hunderith fourtie eight pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £2248.13.4
pitcairn Four hunderith nyntie on pund £491.0.0
John & William Russells Threttie sex pund £36.0.0
prinles Tuo hunderith pund £200.0.0
Summa Four Thousand fyve hunderith sextie on pund £4561.0.0
Lalaethan Ane hunderith pund £100.0.0
bankirk Ane hunderith & ten pund £110.0.0
James Archbald Fourtie seven pund 10sh [shilling] £47.10.0
John Thomsone Fourtie seven pund 10sh [shilling] £47.10.0
John Archbald Ane hunderith & thrie pund £103.0.0
Robert seaton Ane hunderith fyftie fyve pund £155.0.0
Countes of Rothes Fourtie tuo pund £42.0.0
Alexander blyth Ane hunderith seventie tuo pund 6sh [shilling] 8d [pennies] £172.6.8
wester Kilmux Tuo hunderith threttie fyve pund6sh [shilling] 8d [pennies] £235.6.8
Clarkhall nyntie thrie pund £93.0.0
Auchtermairnie Eight hunderith & threttie pund £830.0.0
brymers neuton Two hunderith fourtie fyve pund £245.0.0
Laumonds neuton Tuo hunderith tuentie seven pund £227.0.0
Kingsmiln Ane hunderith pund 13 sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £100.13.4
Treaton & kennoway Ane thousand Ane hunderith fourtie fyve pd [pund] £1145.0.0
dinfare Two hunderith nyntie thrie pund £293.0.0
Feuares of Treaton Tuentie nyne pund 6sh [shilling] 8d [pennies] £29.6.8
balfeures airds teind Ane hunderith fyftie nyne pund £159.0.0
Summa Four thousand Ane hunderith threttie four pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £4134.13.4
Sir John Malcome pairt of Inchgall Fyve hunderith & fourtin pund £514.0.0
Michael Malcolms pairt yrof [thereof] Fyve hunderith & fourtin pund £514.0.0
balbedie sex hunderith sextie eight pund 10sh [shilling] £668.10.0
blair Tuo hunderith & fourtie pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £240.13.4
ballingrie Ane hunderith fyftie sex pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £156.13.4
Coutle Ane hunderith seventie eight pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £178.13.4
Corshills Ane hunderith tuentie tuo pund £122.0.0
Templeland Threttie eight pund £38.0.0
patrick Kinnell Tuentie seven pund £27.0.0
navittie Ane hunderith fyftie thrie pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £153.13.4
Mr david scrimzeour Tuo hunderith & elleiven £211.0.0
Ladath And hunderith & threttie pund £130.0.0
Kininmothes Ane hunderith tuentie thrie pund 6sh [shilling] 8d [pennies] £123.6.8
Countes of Rothes Four hunderith pund £400.0.0
Summa Thrie thousand four hunderith seventie seven pund 10sh [shilling] £3477.10.0
Kininmonth Fyftie sex pund £56.0.0
Cullairnies pairt yrof [thereof] Tuo hunderith fyftie tuo pund £252.0.0
Kinglassie Four hunderith & threttin pund £413.0.0
Finglassie Fyve hunderith fourtie nyne pund £549.0.0
Pitteuchar Fyve hunderith seventie on pund £571.0.0
Easter Ptteuchar Tuo hunderith fyftie tuo pund £252.0.0
over stentoun Four hunderith & seventie pund 10sh [shilling] £470.10.0
Pitlochie Thrie hunderith nyntie fyve pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £395.13.4
Inchdairnie sex hunderith fyftie fyve pund £655.0.0
Gaitmilk sex hunderith & eight pund £608.0.0
Auchmoor Thrie hunderith & sextin pund 10sh [shilling] £316.10.0
walkertoun Fourtie tuo pund 10sh [shilling] £42.10.0
Lugton & caskieberran Tuo thousand Ane hunderith threttie four pund £2134.0.0
phinmonth Thrie hunderith tuentie eight pund £328.0.0
Kidwalls Tuo hunderith sextie eight pund £268.0.0
Lord yester Thrie hunderith & eight pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £308.13.4
Milndeanes Tuo hunderith fourtie eight pund £248.0.0
Earle of Dumfermline Four hunderith & fyve pund £405.0.0
Summa Eight thousand Tuo hunderith seventie tuo pund 16sh [shilling] 8d [pennies] £8272.16.8
Countes of weymse Four thousand nyne hunderith fourtie sex pund £4946.0.0
Toun of Edenburgh Thrie hunderith tuentie nyne pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £329.13.4
summa Fyve thousand tuo hunderith seventie fyve pund 13sh [shilling] 4d [pennies] £5275.13.4

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