Proprietor and land Valuation
The rest of bruntisland
brought over Four thousand Ane hunderith fourtie sex pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £4146.6.8
George Jameson seven pund £7.0.0
Mr Robert Ros fourtie sex pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £46.13.4
John Ros Fyftie thrie pund 10ss [shilling] £53.10.0
Thomas weymss Eight pund £8.0.0
John Angus Ane hunderith & four pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £104.6.8
Eupham Melvill Tuentie thrie pund £23.0.0
Mr Gilbert Melvill Fourtie eight pund £48.0.0
John Anderson Fyftie fyve pund 10ss [shilling] £55.10.0
Andrew short Tuentie one pund 6ss [shillling] 8d [pennnies] £21.6.8
david Chrystie Threttie thrie pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £33.6.8
John duff Tuentie on pund £21.0.0
John Moncreif sextin pund £16.0.0
Thomas deuar nyne pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £9.13.4
william Johnstone Fyftin pund 10 ss [shilling] £15.10.0
Alexander bonnar Eighteen pund £18.0.0
William Mairshall Tuelve pund 10ss [shilling] £12.10.0
Andrew Lessells Ten pund £10.0.0
binend Thrie hunderith threttie sex pund £336.0.0
Lord yester seven henunderith fyftie four pund 10ss [shilling] £754.10.0
Mr William dalgleish Fourtie four pund 6ss [shilling] 8d. [pennies] £44.6.8
Summa Fyve thousand seven hunderith eightie four pund 10 ss [shilling] £5784.10.0
Abreviat of Kirkcaldie presbitrie
scoonie parish Fyve thousand four hunderithfyftie tuo pund £5452.0.0
Markinch Ten thousand Ane hunderith seventie one pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £10171.13.4
Leslie Four thousand fyve hunderith sextie on pund £4561.0.0
Kennoway Four thousand Ane hunderith threttie four pund 13 ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £4134.13.4
ballingrie Thrie thousand Ane hunderith threttie four pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £3134.13.4
Kinglassie Eight thousand tuo hunderith seventie tuo pund 16ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £8272.16.8
weymss Fyve Thousand tuo hunderith seventie fyve pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £5275.13.4
Auchtertool Thrie thousand fyve hunderith eightie tuo pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £3582.6.8
Auchterderran seven Thousand four hunderith threttie seven pund £7437.13.4
dysert Fyve thousand thrie hunderith tuentie on pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £5321.6.8
Kirkcaldie Elleiven Thousand four hunderith fyftie four pund £11454.0.0
bruntilland fyve thousand seven hunderith eightie four pund 10 ss [shilling] £5784.10.0
Kinghorn Tuelve thousand seven hunderith fourtie tuo pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £12742.13.4
Totall Eightie seven Thousand sex hunderith sextie seven pund 16ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £87667.16.8
Dumfermline presbitrie
Aberdour parish
south kilrie Tuo hunderith & fyve pund £205.0.0
Earl of Murray Ane Thousand four hunderith & tuelve pund 10ss [shilling] £1412.10.0
Culthill four hunderith Tuentie thrie pund £423.0.0
balram Thrie hunderith seventie four pund £374.0.0
Coustoun Thrie hunderith eightie fyve pund £385.0.0
whythill Four hunderith tuentie two pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £422.13.4
Mr Charles Steuart Ane thousand tuentie sex pund £1026.0.0
balmooth & Mountquey four hunderith fourtie 'on pund £441.0.0
Templehall Ane hunderith eightie thrie pund £183.0.0
John - stevenson Ane hunderith fiftie fyve pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £155.6.8
Earl of Morton Ane Thousand nyne hunderith eightie eight pund £1988.0.0
Summa seven Thoǔsand & fyftin pund 10ss [shilling] £7015.10.0
[signed] David Malcolme Clk [Clerk]
Holl seventie sex pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £76.13.4
Clun & garlickhill Thrie hunderith pund £300.0.0
Andrew Walker north fod nyntie eight pund £98.0.0
James Stainous north fod nyntie eight pund £98.0.0
brounes northfod Fourscore sex pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £86.6.8
Garbork Ane hunderith sextie nyne pund £169.0.0
Andrew smithes northfod nyntie on pund 10 ss [shilling] £91.10.0
Captain bennetts Grainge Thrie hunderith fourtie on pund £341.0.0
Trumbulls Grainge Ane hunderith fourtie thrie pund £143.0.0
Craigluscar sex hunderith Eightie nyne pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £689.13.4
dinnigask Thrie hunderith sextie thrie pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £363.6.8
douglas Masterton Ane hunderith & seventin pund £117.0.0
stainous Masterton Ane hunderith threttie sex pund £136.0.0
stainous southfod Tuo hunderith & on pund £201.0.0
william walwood of Touch Two hunderith eightie on pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £281.13.4
Janet Allan Fourtie eight pund £48.0.0
John walls portion of hollbaldrig Threttie pund £30.0.0
John watsons portion of yrof [thereof] Threttie pund £30.0.0
John watsons portion of yrof [thereof] fyftin pund £15.0.0
John Cupares portion of yrof [thereof] Threttie pund £30.0.0
David Adies portion of yrof [thereof] Fytin pund £15.0.0
Randifoord seven hunderith & fyve pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £705.6.8
John Robertson of brierihill fourtie fyve pund £45.0.0
pittrevie & balmooll Two thousand Ane hunderith sextie seven pund £2167.0.0
william walker of rhodes sextie pund £60.0.0
Hellen smairt threttie four pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £34.6.8
pittencreif nyne hunderith nyntie on pund £991.0.0
Lassodie Fyve hunderith eightie nyne pund 13ss [shiling] 4d [pennies] £589.13.4
Letholmes Ane hunderith fourtie nyne pund £149.0.0
william weymse neulands Threttie sex pund £36.0.0
Carpones neulands Eightie fyve pund £85.0.0
Agnes Givan sextin pund £16.0.0
John Adie seven pund 10ss [shilling] £7.10.0
provest walker sextie sex pund £66.0.0
Lord Colvills outh Ane hunderith nyntie seven pund 10ss [shilling] £197.10.0
Keavoll Thrie hunderith & threttie pund 13 ss [shilling] 4 d [pennies] £330.13.4
Robert stevenson seventine pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £17.6.8
baldridg sex hunderith nyntie fyve pund £695.0.0
Margaret Couden Fyftie sex pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £56.13.4
scots Masterton Ane hunderith fourtie nyne pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £149.13.4
Spencerfields gellits Fyve hunderith & fyftie pund £550.0.0
Lady Nachtan Eight hunderith sextie nyne £869.0.0
Robert walwood Four hunderith fourtie eight pund £448.0.0
Thomas huttones part of Luscar seventie on pund £71.0.0
John black part of cocklaw Ane hunderith & eightin pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £118.6.8
John Aikens part yrof [thereof] of Ane hunderith & nynetein pund £119.0.0
John stevensons part yrof [thereof] Ane hunderith & eightein pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £118.6.8
David sims pairt yrof [thereof] Ane hunderith & nyntien pund £119.0.0
James Kellocks pairt yrof [thereof] Ane hunderith & nyntin pund 10 ss [shilling] £119.10.0
summa Tuelve Thousand tuo hunderith sextie on pund £12261.0.0
[Signed] David Malcolm Clk [Clerk]

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[Signed] David Malcolm Clk [Clerk]

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