Proprietor and land Valuation
Cupar prysbitrie
Balmirinock parish
Corbie four hundreth and thirteen pund £413.0.0
Gyrainge Balfour four hundreth nyntie four pund 13ss 4ds £494.13.4
Laird of Airditt for Skur and Scrogysyde fyftie four pund 6s 8d £54.6.8
Thomas Stark of Bandean fourscore eight pund 6ss 8ds £88.6.8
pitter Hay of Nauchtan Ane Thousand Nyne hundreth pund £1,900.0.0
Lord Ballmirinoch seven hundreth fyftie on pund 10ss £751.10.0
Alexander prestone portioner of Kilburne Tuentie fyve pund £25.0.0
Small fewars Three hundreth fyftie eight pund 13s 4d £358.13.4
Summa is four thousand fourscore fyve pund ten shilling £4085.10
Loggie parish
John Bayne of Loggie Tuo hundreth fyftie three pund £253.0.0
Earle of Southesque for easter Cruvie six hundreth & tuo pund 13s 4d £602.13.4
Wester Forret Tuo hundreth & fyftie pund ten shilling £250.10.0
Michaell Balfour of forret six hundreth & seventie pund 13s 4d £670.13.4
James prestone of denbrae four hundreth & tuentie pund £420.0.0
Laird of Kinneirs Keadlock three hundreth fourescore seven pund £347.0.0
John Imbrie of Wester Cruvie Three hundreth threttie tuo pund 10s £332.10.0
Summa tuo thousand Nyne hundreth & sixteen pund 6s 8d £2916.06.8
Phlisk Parish
Laird of Aytoun for Glendurkie Six hundreth fourtie tuo pund £642.0.0
Doctor Andrew Melvill of pitauchope, Three hundreth tuentie four pund 10sh
Countess of Rothes Tuo thousand tuo hundreth Sixtie and Six pund 6s 8d £2266.06.8
Summa Three Thousand tuo hundreth threttie three pund 16s 8d £3233.16.8

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Followes the New Book of the Revaluations of the four prysbetr[ies]
of the shyre of Fyfe; Taken Up by the Commissioners of Revaluati[on]
and of session By vertew of Ane Act and remitt of parliament. To the
Councells And the Councells Act Impouneing the said Commissioners to this
Efect and conforme to the particular dyets of the said Meetings and spe [--]
Warrands in the Severall Sederunts, And this Book is declaired to
the Authentick Book of Revaluatione, qrby [whereby] all cess and public burde[ns]
to be Imposed heirafter, Is alreadie Imposed, Is to be Layed on and proportioned acco[rdingly?]

[Signed] P Bruce

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