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Cupar Threttie on Day of Jully Ane Thousand
sex hundreth and Nyntie fyve years

The Whilk Day the Committie
of the Commissioners of Revaluatione of the Shyre of
Fyfe having Meet this day conforme to the Appointment
of Ane former Meeting for reveising and approving
the New book of Valuatione of the Shyre, and contained
heirintill, The money Rent and Victuall, according to the
severall Species and qualities being all oued conforme
to the Rules viz the Chalder of Wheat ane hundreth
merks, The Chalder of Bear at fourtie Eight pund
The Chalder of meall fourtie pund, The Chalderof meall
of Milne rent and Black oats at Threttie three
pund Sex Shilling eight pennies and The saids
Commissioner having exactly revised
the said book with the Warrands yrof [thereof], and other
just [unotiones] of the Rent, They find the [Samen] holds
and qrof [whereof] the Totall Extennds to Three hundreth
Sextie Nyne Thousand Seven hundreth Eightie
Seven pund Sex Shilling eight pennies And
The Commissioners appoynts this Signed
book of the Valloued Rents, To be the only Rule and
Standart , by which any Burden Shall be uplifted
and ordanes David Malcolm their Clark to the
said Valuatione; to give out a Short abstract of
the Valuationes contained in this book to the present
Colector, and all other Colectors heirinafter By which
they are ordained to Colect any burden Imposed or
Shall be heirafter Imposed, conforme to the quota
contained in this book, and the commissioners heirby
Disregards all former books as being heirby alterat
and Innovat in all tyme comeing, And the hundreth
merks of money Rent at fourtie tuo pund of Valu=
atione [Sic subiz] F hope & Bruce Douglas
Craforde Boswall

I Patrick Bruce of Bunzean Shriffe dep [Sheriffs deputy] of
Fyfe doe hereby atest and declair that this book
consisting of thettie threttie four pages is a just
and true Copie of the prinall [principall] bookes and and record of
the present valuation of the Shire of Fyfe coll
ationed and compared with the former by me in test=
imonie qrof [whereof] this is wreaten and [Subscrybed] by me at
Cupar this third day of Novr. [November] jajvij [1700] and eight years
P Bruce

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