Proprietor and land Valuation
Craill parish
The Soume of the other page is £7451.6.8
Airdrie eight hundreth and Sex pund £806.0.0
Laird of Pittairthie Ane hundreth fourtie Seven pund 10ss [shilling] £147.10.0
Mr James Moncreifd portione yrof [thereof] Ane hundreth fourtie tuo pund £142.0.0
Andrew Millars part yrof [thereof] fourtie tuo pund £42.0.0
Kirk sessions Nynteen pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £19.13.4
Alexander Bayne Eighteen pund £18.0.0
Airdrew Corstophine Threttie pund £30.0.0
Thomas prestoune of Drumraick Ane hundreth & tuo pund 10ss [shilling] £102.10.0
George Russell of Garstone Seventie tuo pund £72.0.0
Balcomie Three Thousand Ane hundreth threttie Nyne pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £3139.13.4
George Reid of Broadlies fyve hundreth Seventie Six pund £576.6.8
William Stevensone fyftie fyve pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £55.6.8
pittouie fyve hundreth, Tuentie eight pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £528.13.4
Kirklans of Cambo tuo hundreth four pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £204.13.4
Toun of Craills for Feutie [Few duty] ten pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £10.13.4
Mr [Master] John Woods portione of Sauchope three hundreth tuentie four pund £324.0.0
Summa Threteen Thousand Sex hundreth and Seventie pund £13670.0.0
Killriny parish
Scotstarvit four Third part Ane thousand Ane hundreth and Nyntie fyve pund £1195.0.0
George Lumsdeans portione of Killrinie fyve hundre fourtie fyve pund 10ss [shilling] £545.10.0
Laird of Balfour Ane Thousand tuo hundreth fyftie four pund ten shilling £1254.10.0
Innergellie Ane Thousand ane hundreth & three pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £1103.13.4
Barnes Moore Nyne hundreth Tuentie eight pund £928.0.0
Robert Law Threttie fyve pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £35.6.8
William Blacke tuelveth pund £12.0.0
Lord Cardros seven pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £7.6.8
Summa fyve Thousand fourscore on pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £5081.6.8
Ansturther Wester
Lord Balcalski Ane hundreth fourtie Nyne pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £149.13.4
Yester Grainge Moore tuo hundreth & sextie pund £260.0.0
Easter Grang moore Three hundreth fourtie four pund £344.0.0
Fewars of Anstruther tuo hundreth fourscore eight pund £288.0.0
Sir William Anstruther three hundreth Sextie Seven pund £367.0.0
Toun of Pittinweem Threttie three pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £33.6.8
William Scott Tuelveth pund £12.0.0
Traids box four pund 10ss [shilling] £4.10.0
Summa Ane Thousand four hundreth fyftie eight pund 10ss [shilling] £1458.10.0
Anstruther Easter
Sir Philip and Sir William Anstruthers Three Thousand four hundreth fyftie eight pund £2458.0.0
Carnbie parish
Lord Balcaskie Ane Thousand Byntie Seven pund £1097.0.0
Earle of Bellcarres Ane thousand and three hundreth tuentie seven pund £1327.0.0
Balhoussie Ane Thousand Ane hundreth threttie on pund £1131.0.0
Cassengray four hundreth and Tuentie pund £420.0.0
Giblestoun six hundreth fyftie eight pund £658.0.0
Culties Lochty Sixtie Nyne pund £69.0.0
Craighead Ane hundreth Nyntie fyve pund £195.0.0
William peadge part of Arincrock tuentie three pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £23.6.8
Robert Lyells portione fourtie three pund £43.0.0
Ballcormo Three hundreth Sextie Nyne pund £369.0.0
Balmounth Three hundreth fourtie Six pund £346.0.0
Pittinueem Sea box fyftie Seven pund £57.0.0
Kirk sessione ans Schoolmaster of Carnbie threttie Six pund £36.0.0
Mr [Master] Robert Cook of Arincroch Threttie tuo pund £32.0.0
Langsyde fourscore Sex pund £86.0.0
Craigtoune Ane hundreth Sixtie four pund £164.0.0
Earle of Keltie, Tuo Thousand fyve hundreth eightie Nyne pund 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £2589.13.4
Neither Carnbie six hundreth fyftie four pund 13ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £654.13.4
Over Carnbie Three hundreth and Seven pund £307.0.0
Lord Yester, Tuo hundreth and Sex pund £206.0.0
Lingo Tuo hundreth Nyntie fyve pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £295.6.8
pitter Mortoun Nyntie Sex pund £96.0.0
Summa Ten Thousand tuo hundreth & tuo pund £10202.0.0
pittinueem parish
Lord Balcaskie Tuo hundreth tuentie Sex pund £226.0.0
Robert Low Sextie Six pund £66.0.0
Kirk Box of Anstruther Tuentie Seven pund £27.0.0
Sir William Anstruther ane hundreth threttie pund 10ss [shilling] £130.10.0
Earle of Kellie Three hundreth fourtie eight pund £348.0.0
Sea box of pittinueem Ane hundrrethNyntie Seven pund 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £197.6.8
Summa Ane thousand fyftie Nyne pund Sex Shill. [Shilling] 8d [pennies] £1059.6.8

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