Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Whittingham Parish Scots
Marquis of Tweeddale Priestlaw £472.10.0
Marquis of Tweeddale His Lands £53.14.0
Robert Hay Esqr of Drummelzier His Lands £3148.17.1
Francis Buchan Sydserff Esqr Ruchlaw £1038.0.3
This includes Lands in Stenton Parish
The Earl of Wemyss Whitelaw £269.6.8
William Hamilton Nisbet Esqr Grangeshaws £66.13.4
Archibald Knox Esqr Mayshiell £176.13.4
Total valuation of this Parish £5225.14.8
Whitekirk & Tyningham Parishes
Robert Baird Esqr Newbythe £3460.10.0
The Earl of Haddington Tyningham £6552.16.2
This includes his Lordships Lands in the Parishes of
Gladsmuir Spot Whittingham & Salton
Total valuation of this Parish £10,013.6.2

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