Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Stenton Parish Scots
William Hamilton Nisbet Esqr His Lands £5769.19.0
Tranent Parish
John Cadell Esqr Lot 1st Barony of Tranent & Cockenzie £1522.15.4
John Cadell Esqr Lot 1st Barony of Tranent & Cockenzie £1015.0.8
John Cadell Esqr Cadells Parks £151.2.4
John Cadell Esqr John Clerks heirs £13.5.0
David Anderson Esqr Wester Adingston £442.0.4
David Anderson Esqr St Germains £698.17.2
David Anderson Esqr Easter Adingston £346.0.0
Countess of Hyndford Myles £501.9.11
Countess of Hyndford Boisley £126.9.7
Countess of Hyndford Westerfalside £1055.10.0
Robert Walkers heirs Bank Park £142.5.10
The Earl of Wemyss Lots 1st & 2 of Seton £2310.12.9
+ The Earl of Wemyss Setonhill £796.4.0
Robert Hunter Esqr 3rd Lot of Seton & 2nd of Longniddry £1483.5.2
+ John Glassell Esqr 1st Lot of Longniddry £1469.0.2
+ Messrs Ainslies, Lieth Redcoat £528.2.1
+ Andrew Gray Esqr Southfield £528.2.1
Sir John Callander Elphinston £1978.7.8
John Anderson Esqr Windyoul £190.3.0
Andrew McDowal Esqr Olivestob £403.4.0
+ George Mylne Lanridge £146.7.2
Robert Turnbull His Lands £86.8.4
James Cowan His Lands £33.17.0
James Cowan His Lands £27.13.0
James Cowan ½ of David Grays Lands £50.0.0
James Cowan David Allans Lands £9.19.0
John Carnegie Lieth Mathew Haldanes Lands £85.6.8
Mrs Williamson Her Lands £13.2.0
Andrew Blair John Hendersons Lands £25.15.7
Andrew Blair George Hunters Lands £5.2.6
Andrew Blair Thomas Hendrys Lands £5.2.6
David Russell ½ of David Grays Lands £50.0.0
Robert Clunies Heirs Their Lands £5.2.6
Peter Niblie His Lands £10.13.4
Alexander Allan George Allans Lands £16.4.4
Alexander Allan Thomas Cochranes Lands £5.2.6
Total valuation of this Parish £16,273.13.6
+ These Lands are now in Gladsmuir Parish

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