Proprietor and land Valuation
Charles Smith Nine Pounds two Shillings & six pence £9.2.6
Andrew Watson Two Pounds ten Shillings £2.10.0
William Hunter Ninety Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £90.13.4
Hew Colden four Pounds ten Shillings & Eight pence £4.10.8
James Darg four Pounds Eliven Shillings & three pence £4.11.3
William Clerk four Pounds Eliven Shillings & three pence £4.11.3
Thomas Litster Six Pounds twelve Shillings & nine pence £6.12.9
Elbotle Ninety nine Pounds Six Shillings & eight pence £99.6.8
David Fouller Eighteen Pounds seventeen Shillings & ten pence £18.17.10
James Forrest four Pounds ten shillings & eight pence £4.10.8
Hardings Sixty Pounds ten Shillings & Eight pence £60.10.8
Aberlady Parish
Lord Elibank One thousand nine hundred & Seventy two Pounds £1972.0.0
Standelene Six hundred & twenty eight Pounds therteen Shillings & five pence £628.13.5
Lochill & Myreton Four hundred & seventy eight Pounds therteen Shillings & nine pence £478.13.9
Goseford One thousand six hundred & sixty Pounds ten pence £1661.0.10
Susness One thousand Eight hundred Pounds £1800.0.0
Aberlady Lands Nine hundred & seventy six Pounds Six Shillings & Eight pence £976.6.8
Ridehouse Three hudred & fifty Pounds £350.0.0
North Brewick Parish
Sir Hew Dalrymple Seven thousand & thery three Pounds twelve Shillings & Eliven pence £7033.12.11
Sir George Suttie One thousand six hundred & therteen Pounds fourteen Shillings & two pence £1613.14.2
Lord President four hundred & five Pounds seven Shillings & three pence £405.7.3
Waughton Nine hundred & Eighty six Pounds seven Shillings £986.7.0
Sougal Seven hundred & therty one Pounds ten Shillings & ten pence £731.10.10
Oldham Five hundred & seventy eight Pounds ten Shillings £578.10.0
Mainshill of Sydserff Two hundred & Eighty seven Pounds two Shillings & Six Pence £287.2.6
Chapel of Sydserff Ninety three Pounds ten Shillings & ten pence £93.10.10
Mr Nisbet Two hundred & ninety seven Pounds Six Shillings & Eight pence £297.6.8
Mr Hamilton of Bargenny One hundred & therty two Pounds Nineteen Shillings & seven pence £132.19.7
Sir Hew Dalrymple Four Pounds seventeen Shillings & five pence £4.17.5
Smeaton in this Parish Two hundred & therty one Pounds two Shillings & Eight pence £231.2.8
Tranent Parish
Barronies of Winton Seaton & Longniddery Eight thousand Six hundred & fifteen Pounds £8615.0.0
Barronies of Tranent & Cockenzie Three thousand five hundred & twenty five Pounds five Shillings & ten pence £3525.5.10

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