Proprietor and land Valuation
Page 10th Humble Parish Continued
Musdenhead One hundred & forty five Pounds Eliven Shillings £145.11.0
Pogbie Lands Ninety nine Pounds ten Shillings £99.10.0
Blaikshiel One hundred & four Pounds £104.0.0
Plewlandhill One hundred & Eighty six Pounds £186.0.0
Johnstonburn Three hundred & twenty three Pounds £323.0.0
Gilston & Overbrutherston One hundred & thirty nine Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £139.13.4
Pencaitland Parish
Mr Hamilton of Pencaitland Two thousand & fifty three Pounds fifteen Shillings & eight pence £2053.15.8
Fountainhall Seven hundred & twenty two Pounds £722.0.0
Bellshaus One hundred & forty Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £140.13.4
Mr Nisbet Six thousand four hundred & Eighty five Pounds ten Shillings & nine pence £6485.10.9
Congalton Seven hundred & ninty Pounds Eight Shillings & two pence £790.8.2
George Yule Fifty five Pounds nineteen Shillings & Six pence £55.19.6
Mathew Shirriff thirty Pounds £30.0.0
Saltcoats One thousand three hundred & fifteen Pounds fifteen Shillings & Eliven pence £1315.15.11
Colledgehead two hundred & Eighty six Pounds £286.0.0
Kingston Three hundred & twelve Pounds fourteen Shillings & five pence £312.14.5
Richard Richardsons heirs One hundred & ninety Six Pounds ten Shillings & eight pence £196.10.8
Page 11th. Dirleton Parish Continued
Alex Gray Eighteen Pounds seventeen Shillings & ten pence £18.17.10
Hugh Lindsay twenty four Pounds nineteen Shillings & four pence £24.19.4
Patrick Lindsay twenty four Pounds nineteen Shillings & four pence £24.19.4
David Forrest's heirs Fifty four Pounds Eight Shillings & eight pence £54.8.8
George Anderson Eighty two Pounds Seventeen Shillings & two pence £82.17.2
David Randee Fifty six Pounds twelve Shillings
& four pence £56.12.4
Andrew Yule Therteen Pounds two Shillings & two d £13.2.2
Archbald Ferguson's heirs Sixty two Pounds seventeen Shillings & eight pence £62.17.8
Robert Paterson Therteen Pounds twelve Shillings & two pence £13.12.2
George Halyburton Nine Pounds one Shilling & Eight pence £9.1.8
George Thomson's heirs Nine Pounds two Shillings & six pence £9.2.6
James Auld Therteen Pounds twelve Shillings & two pence £13.12.2
Robert Oliver four Pounds ten Shillings & seven d £4.10.7
Margrat Lawder Therteen Pounds six Shillings & eight pence £13.6.8
John Forrest's heirs Therty four Pounds fifteen Shillings & one penney £34.15.1
George Oliver Fifty two Pounds ten Shillings & four pence £52.10.4

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John Hay
Andrew Dickson
Dirleton Parish

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[Pencil note in row Mr Nisbet (Dirleton Parish) there is a valuation] - £9472.19.5

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