Proprietor and land Valuation
Page 8th Hadingtoun Parish Continued £. Sh. d
Robert Thomson Lands Eight Pounds seven Shillings £8.7.0
James Smith three Pounds two Shillings & two pence £3.2.2
John Haldone three Pounds two Shillings & two pence £3.2.2
Patrick Wood Eight Pounds ten Shillings £8. 10.0
Garvald Parish
Nunraw Four hundred & nine Pounds thirteen
Shillings & six pence £409.13.6
Mr Robert Hepburn Five hundred & one Pounds
Six Shillings & Eight pence £501.6.8
Mr John Douglas Two hundred & Sixty Eight Pounds
Six Shillings & Eight pence £268.6.8
Garvaldgrange One hundred & thirty nine Pounds
fourteen Shillings & Eight pence £139.14.8
Mr Hay of Hopes Two hundred & seven Pounds six-
-teen Shillings & six pence £207.16.6
Mr Hew Dalrumple Sixty three Pounds fifteen Shillings £63.15.0
Yester Parish
Marquis of Tweadale Five thousand two hundred
Pounds £5200.0.0
Newton One thousand & Sixty six Pounds thirteen £1066.13.4
Shillings & four pence
George Knox Sixty four Pounds nine Shillings £64.9.0.
John Kerr ten Pounds £10.0.0
Skedsbush One hundred & Eliven Pounds nine
Shillings & four pence £111.9.4
Newhall Four hundred & Sixty Eight Pounds £468.0.0
Easter Blance Four hundred & fourteen Pounds
two Shillings £414.2.0
Cladshiel One hundred & fifty Eight Pounds
three Shillings £158.3.0
To: Pay £9106.11
Andrew Dickson
Page 9th Ormiston Parish £. sh. d
Eral Hopeton. Two thousand four hundred & forty
one Pounds ten Shillings & ten pence £2441.10.10
Bolton Parish
Eaglescannie Four hundred & five Pounds ten pence £405.0.10
Kirkland One hundred & forty one Pounds nine Shil-
-lings & six pence £141.9.6
Pilmuir One hundred & Sixty Eight Pounds £168.0.0
Wester Blance Three hundred & therty nine Pounds
twelve Shillings & Eight pence £339.12.8
Salton Parish
Salton Lands Two thousand nine hundred & thirty
five Pounds Six Shillings & four pence £2935.6.4
Milton Lands Seven hundred & therty three Pounds £733.0.0
Hermiston Six hundred Pounds £600.0.0
Gilkerston Two hundred & twenty one Pounds six
Shillings & nine pence £221.6.9
Humbie Parish
Humbie Lands One thousand one hundred &
Eighty three Pounds nine Shilings & two pence £1183.9.2
Whitburgh Three hundred & twenty one Pounds
ten Shillings £321.10.0
Mr James Craig One hundred & thirty Pounds £130.0.0
Kith Four hundred hundred & forty one Pounds five Shil. £441.5.0
Windymains One hundred & Sixty three Pounds £163.0.0
Corn mills of Keith Sixty Pounds ten Shillings £60.10.0
Dunerahill Two hundred & fourteen Pounds
fifteen Shillings £214.15.0
Leston Four hundred & Sixty two Pounds Eighteen
Shillings £462.18.0
Soutra Two hundred & Eighteen Pounds six
Shillings & Eight pence £218.6.8
To: Pay £11181.0.9
Andrew Dickson

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