Proprietor and land Valuation
Page 6th Hadingtoun Parish Continued
Lord Blantyre Four thousand nine hundred & ninety
seven Pounds seven Shillings & one penney.. £4997.7.1
Dalgourie One hundred & Sixty eight Pounds eighteen
Shillings & four pence .. £168.18.4
Lamingtoun One thousand Eight hundred & nineteen
Mr Law of Elvingston Nine hundred & nineteen Pounds
thirteen Shillings & seven pence £919.13.7
Robert Houdon twenty seven Pounds twelve Shillings
& six pence £27.12.6
John Carfrae One hundred & ten Pounds ten Shillings £110.10.0
Leverocklaw One hundred & seventy eight Pounds
Six Shillings & four pence £178.6.4
Nunland Three hundred & Eight Pounds two Shillongs
& four pence £308.2.4
Sir Thomas Hay One thousand six hundred &
Forty nine Pounds fifteen Shillings & ten pence £1649.15.10
Caponflate Five hundred & fifty five Pounds
fifteen Shillings & six pence £555.15.6
Herpierdean Four hundred & fifty six Pounds one
Shilling & ten pence £456.1.10
Sir John Sinclair Two thousand seven hundred &
Ninety one Pounds nine Shillings £2791.9. .
Abbey mill Eighty nine Pounds Six Shillings &
Eight pence £89.6.8
Clerkingtoun Five hundred & thirty Pounds four-
-teen Shillings & two pence £530.14.2
Munkrige Two hundred & thirty two Pounds
thirteen Shillings & two pence £232.13.2
To: Pay £14835.15.10
Andrew Dickson
Page 7th Hadingtoun Parish Continued
Eral of Hopeton Four thousand six hundred &
Eighty nine Pounds Nineteen Shillings £4689.19.0
Mr Buchan of Letham Five hundred & ninety
Pounds Sixteen Shillings & Seven pence £590.16.7
Mr Charters Four thousand nine hundred & seventy
two Pounds ten Shillings & nine pence £4972.10.9
William Cadle twenty three Pounds three Shillings
& nine pence £23.3.9
William Begbie four Pounds sixteen Shillings & two d £4.16.2
David Moffat fourteen Pounds ten Shillings & four pence £14.10.4
James Forrest thirty Pounds ten Shillings & eight pence £30.10.8
Gimmersmills One hundred & thirty eight Pounds
thirteen Shillings & four pence £138.13.4
John Knox five Pounds Six Shillings & Eight pence £5.6.8
Robert Swinton forty seven Pounds six Shillings
& Eight pence £47.6.8
John Douglas three Pounds thirteen Shillings & 1d £3.13.1
William Cathcarts heirs ten Pounds thirteen Shil-
-lings & four pence £10.13.4
William Tait Eight Pounds six Shillings & eight pence £8.6.8
William Robertson heirs thirty five Pounds £35.0.0
Thomas Taits heirs fourteen Pounds £14.0.0
John Brown forty seven Pounds ten Shillings &
five pence £47.10.5
Richard Millar seventy four Pounds three Shillings
& four pence £74.3.4
George Anderson thirty Pounds fifteen Shillings & six d £30.15.6
Thomas Gardner Fifty eight Pounds one Shilling &
three pence £58.1.3
William Lawson thirty nine Pounds Eliven Shil-
-lings & six pence £39.11.6
To: Pay £10839.9.0
Andrew Dickson

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