Proprietor and land Valuation
Parish of Oldhamstocks
Sir John Hall of Dunglas One thousand two hundred & forty nine Pounds three shillings four pence £1249. 3. 4
Mr Hay of Lawfield Eight hundred & forty six Pounds Six Shillings & nine pence £846. 6. 9
Mr Hay of Lawfield Eight hundred & forty six Pound Six Shillings & nine pence £846.6.9
Mr Robert Sinclair One hundred & ninety four Pounds nine Shillings & three pence £194.9.3
Black Castle Seven hundred & fifty Pounds fifteen Shillings £750.15.0
Stottingcleugh One hundred & Eighty two Pounds ten Shillings £182.10.0
Parish of Innerwick
Thurston Seven hundred & Seventy four Pounds ten Shillings & one penny £774.10.1
Threeplandhill One hundred & seventy nine Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £179.13.4
Chrightness Two hundred & forty five Pounds fourteen Shillings & Eight pence £245.14.8
Newbigging One hundred & fifty six Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £156.13.4
Branxton Ninety Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £90.13.4
Woodhall Six hundred & Sixty two Pounds sixteen Shillings £662.16.0
Mr Nisbet Six thousand & Eighty two Pounds nineteen Shillings & three pence £6082.19.3

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A Coppy of the Cess or Valuation Books of the Shire
of Haddingtonby which the Cess and other publick burdens on
that County are Paid for the year One thousand and seven hundred &
Seventy two

John Hay
Andrew Dickson

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