Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Tillicoultry Parish Continued Scots.
Brought over £1250.2.3
James Johnston Esquire The Lands called Buchams acre, and Glunions bog possest by John Ure Junior £10.15.10
James Bruce Esquire and James Johnston Esquire Sundry houses and yard's in Wester Tillicoultry, Craigton, Hilltoun and Coalsnaughton feued out by the late Charles Barclay Maitland to Andrew Stewart Junior Writer to the Signet and then possest by the following persons vizr, Alexander Drysdale, James Wilson Senr [Senior], John Ure Junior, John Davidson, Helen Brugh James Drysdale, Alexander Watt, John St. Clair, James Gould Robert Burn, William Hunter, John Duncan Charles Smoull, Alexander Duncanson Andrew Cairns and James Taylor £10.17.10
James Johnston Esquire That part of the Lands called Gullers, and that part of the Lands called Holmhead possessed by James Galloway £134.11.6
The East side of Long Croft and back of shilling hill possest by Andrew Cairns £10.8.7
An old acre possest by Alexander Drysdale £4.11.9
Two old acres possest by James Wilson Senior £10.3.0
Carried over £1431.10.9
Tillicoultry Parish Continued Scots.
Brought over £1431.10.9
James Johnstone Esquire An old acre possest by John Davidson £5.8.5
Gutters bank possest by John Cairns £12.16.4
The Mill Glen and Castle craig possest by John Cairns, and Robert and John Cairns his sons £185.16.9
James Hohnstone Esquire and James Ure Part of the Lands of Gutters on both sides of the water of Devon last possest by James Galloway and presently by Lord Alvas Tenants in consequence of an excambion made between his Lordship then designed James Erskine of Berjarg one of the Senators of the College of Justice and the said Charles Barclay Maitland, by which the Lands still hold Feu of the said Charles Barclay Maitland £72.2.5
Heirs of William Oliphant William Breingan John Drysdale Hugh Kirkwood James Henderson, David Drysdale, Thomas Chrystie -- £1717.11.2 Sundry Feu Houses and yards in Wester Tillicoultry estimated according to the value of the ground independant of the Houses £9.16.6
Crawfurd Tait Esqr The Lands of Harviestoun of Tillicoultry purchased by Mr John Tait £185.18.8
Carried over £1903.9.10

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