Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
No Name of Parish -- Page of the Book on which the Parish is written of Each Parish
1 Bower -- 1st & 2d £2761.16.10
2 Cannisbay -- 3d & 4th £3855.3.6
3 Dunnet -- 5th £2309.12.6
4 Halkirk -- 6th & 7th £3314.7.8
5 Latheron -- 8th & 9th £3982.2.10
6 Olrig -- 10th £2396.5.4
7 Reay -- 11th £2944.2.10
8 Thurso -- 12th £5766.13.10
9 Wattin -- 13th £1938.16.4
10 Wick -- 14th & 15th £6370.0.2
Bishops Feu and Tiend Duties £778.2.8
Ulbsters Feu and Tiend Duties £672.5.0
Valuation of the Town of Wick £166.13.4
Total Valuation of the County £37256.2.10

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[Page] 16 Abstract
We the Under Subscribing Commissioners of Supply and Clerk of Supply for the County
of Caithness Do hereby Certify That what is contained upon this and the Fifteen preceeding
pages is a just true and exact Copy of the Book of Valuation of the said County, with
the Abstract thereof, as the same stood on the 1st day of May 1802 and continues at
the date of these presents, The whole amounting to the Sum of Thirty Seven Thousand
Two Hundred and Fifty Six Pounds Two Shillings and Ten pennies Scots money-
the said Copy having been compared in our presence, with the Original Book of Valuation
as revised approved of and confirmed in a General Meeting of the Commissioners of Supply
of the said County upon the 12th day of December 1798 years. In witness whereof we subscribe
John Ross Clerk of Supply
J C Sutherland Coms [Commissioner]
B Williamson Coms [Commissioner
W Innes Coms [Commissioner]

[Page] 17
these presents upon this and the preceeding Page at Wick this Thirtieth day of
April One thousand Eight Hundred and Three Years
J C. Sutherland Coms [Commissioner]
B. Williamson Coms [ Commissioner]
W Innes. Coms [Commissioner]
John Ross Clerk of Supply

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