Land tax rolls for Buteshire, volume 01

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E106/7/1/1 Sheriff of Bute £1400.0.0
E106/7/1/1 Dutchess of Hamilton £4000.0.0
E106/7/1/1 The Feu Duties of Bute and Cumbrays £2430.13.4
E106/7/1/1 Archibald Bannatyne of Lubas £95.11.0
E106/7/1/1 Lucrece Boyd his Mother £66.13.4
E106/7/1/1 Donald Moir Mckan £44.9.4
E106/7/1/1 South Garrachty £62.4.4
E106/7/1/1 Largizaine elder £88.17.8
E106/7/1/1 Largizaine younger £62.4.4
E106/7/1/1 Kilcattan £784.0.0
E106/7/1/1 John McKurdie Kiremenoch £30.0.0
E106/7/1/1 John Mcferson Kiretonly £30.0.0
E106/7/1/1 Margaret Mckurdie for Bruchak £36.0.0
E106/7/1/1 Kirelamont Elder and Younger £133.6.8
E106/7/1/1 Allan McOnachie £9.0.0
E106/7/1/1 Mr. Robert Stewart £97.15.0
E106/7/1/1 John Stewart in Gallachan £229.2.4
E106/7/1/1 John Stewart of Ardinho £176.13.4
E106/7/1/1 John Stewart of Ambrismore and his £178.0.0
E106/7/1/1 Ninian Kerr Baillie £26.13.4
E106/7/1/1 Donald McOnachie of Ambrisbeg £53.6.8
E106/7/1/1 Scoulaks lands £351.2.4
E106/7/1/1 John Glass of Mid Ascog £31.2.2
E106/7/1/1 Archibald Stewart and Mcilcheran for ArdScalpsie £78.2.2
E106/7/1/1 Donald McNiell Younger of Kilmorie £53.6.8
E106/7/1/1 Robert Jamison Crowner £236.17.8
E106/7/1/1 James Stewart of Kilwhenlek £101.2.4
E106/7/1/1 Mr. Patrick Stewart £240.0.0
E106/7/1/1 Lands of Shalunt Colinshemrag Balicreg and half Stuck £44.0.0
E106/7/1/1 Robert Campbell of Taunie £22.0.0
E106/7/1/1 Lenichael and half Glaknabae £48.18.0
E106/7/1/1 John Bannatyne for Glaknabae £22.4.4
E106/7/1/1 Iskichragan and Glenbuy £35.9.8
E106/7/1/1 Laird of Kaims £906.0.0
E106/7/1/1 Marquess of Argyll for Tack duties of Tiends & feu dutys of Inchmernock £126.13.4
E106/7/1/1 Wester Kames £166.13.4
E106/7/1/1 [Carried over] £12498.2.8
E106/7/1/1 [Page 1] Valuation of the Shire of Bute Burgh of Rothesay Excepted [signed] Archibald Campbell James McNeill James Edington John Blain
E106/7/1/3 Brought over £12498.2.8
E106/7/1/3 Edinmore £53.6.8
E106/7/1/3 Robert Stewart Achiwilig and his wifes liferent £120.0.0
E106/7/1/3 Hugh Boyd £35.11.0
E106/7/1/3 Edmont Stewart of Mecknoch £66.13.4
E106/7/1/3 Duncan Campbell half Stuck £8.16.0
E106/7/1/3 Kilmorie Elder and his wifes liferent £182.4.4
E106/7/1/3 Baron Lenichulen £35.11.0
E106/7/1/3 Kilmichell £53.6.8
E106/7/1/3 Elizabeth Boyd her liferent lands £66.13.4
E106/7/1/3 Little Cumbray £163.17.8
E106/7/1/3 Ballikewn £33.6.8
E106/7/1/3 Portry £47.13.4
E106/7/1/3 Ballochmartin £53.6.8
E106/7/1/3 John Stewart £33.6.8
E106/7/1/3 Sir Robert Montgomry his Land in Cumbrays £179.0.0 with £20.0.0 given him down for his Tiends at the Valuation £159.0.0
E106/7/1/3 Baron Hill £29.13.4
E106/7/1/3 Baron Lone £33.6.8
E106/7/1/3 Sir Robert Montgomrys Lands in Arran £833.6.8
E106/7/1/3 Laird of MacLoy £93.6.8
E106/7/1/3 Charles Hamilton £33.6.8
E106/7/1/3 Kildonan £55.11.0
E106/7/1/3 Corrigills £33.6.8
E106/7/1/3 Ascog £300.0.0
E106/7/1/3 [Total] £15022.13.8
E106/7/1/3 [Page] 2 By an Act of the Commissioners of the Land Tax for this Shire dated the 16th day of May 1720 [16 May 1720].It was found that the feu dutys formerly payable out of the Shire of Bute to the Crown and thereafter to the Family of Lenox as Governors or Constables of the Castle of Dumbarton and now to the Earls of Bute and Glasgow as purchasers thereof conform to their several Interests ought not to be Assessed or bear a proportion of the Cess of the said shire and therefore declared the said Feu dutys free thereof and exempted therefrae in all time thereafter and ordained the whole Cess imposed upon or payable forth. [signed] John Blain Archibald Campbell James McNeill James Edington [Page] 3. forth of the said Shire by the Act Anno Sexto Georgii to be levied and uplifted out of the hail other lands of the said Shire conform to their respective valuations hereof. [signed] Archibald Campbell, James McNeill, James Edington, John Blain. What is wrote above and on the two preceding pages signed by us is a just copy of the Valuation book of the shire of Bute and of an Act of the Commissioners of the Land Tax by which an Alteration is made with respect to the Cess formerly payable out of the feu dutys. We James McNiell of Kilmory and Archibald Campbell of Springfield two of the Commissioners of the Land Tax, James Edington Collector thereof and John Blain Clerk to the said Commissioners having compared the foregoing copy with the Rolls & Books of this Shire and do further Certify that we have not been able to discover that any subdivisions have been made of the Valuations other than in the foregoing book. In testimony of all which we Subscribe these presents at Rothesay the ninth day of November one thousand seven hundred and seventy one years. [9 Nov 1771] [signed] Archibald Campbell James McNeill, James Edington and John Blain
E106/7/1/4 [Page] 4 Attested Copy of the Valuation Book of the Shire of Bute