Proprietor and land Valuation
Inverawen parish
Tomavillan John Grantt One hundreth and twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
Badevochle Eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
Nevie & Tombae Four hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £450.0.0
Achorachan & Wester Blair findy three hundreth and Eighty libs [Pounds] £380.0.0
Tombreakachy one hundreth & thretty libs [Pounds] £130.0.0
Desky Gordone one hundreth and Eighty libs [Pounds] £180.0.0
Drummin Stewart one hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
Dellmore Robert Grantt one hundreth & fiftie libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
Minmore Lettoch & overdounnan two hundreth & Fiftie libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
Blair Findy William Grantt Eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
Wester Culquoich John Grant One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
Killmachly John Stewart three hundreth threttie three libs [Pounds] Six shilling eight pennies £333.6.8
Lettoch and Dounan one hundreth and twentie libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
Ballandalloch John Grantt Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
Liferentrix therof three hundreth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
Morinsh Thomas Nairn Three hundreth Fiftie libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
Duke Gordon For Fewd. [Fewduty] one hundreth Fiftie libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
Swa [Summa] off this parish yr [there] is £3673.6.8
Skirdustain parish
Carron Grantt Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
Kinnermony Innes Four hundreth Fiftie libs [Pounds] £450.0.0
Edinvilly Three hundreth and Fifty libs £350.0.0
Aberlour Hilam Gordone two hundreth Fiftie libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
Muddhouse John Andersone Fifty libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
Boat off Fiddich John Grant Thirty libs [Pounds] £30.0.0
Bregach and Letterwandich two hundreth Fourty libs [Pounds] £240.0.0
Bracco & his Fathers interest yr [there] Four hundreth & seventy libs [Pounds] £400.0.0
Fewars For Fewduties Fourtie libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
Swa [Summa] of this parish yr [there] is £2217.0.0
Grange parish
Edengeith For his whole interest Five hundreth libs [Pounds] £500.0.0
Glengerack Gordon three hundreth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
Dauch of Grange D. [Duke] Gordon Four hundreth sixty libs [Pounds] £460.0.0
Myrietoun peter Stewart One hundreth & twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
Haughs John Fordyce sixtie Five libs [Pounds] £65.0.0
Walter Mitchell For all his lands one hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
Muddhall John Ruddach thirty Five libs [Pounds] £35.0.0
Fortrie David Ruddach eighty Four libs [Pounds] £84.0.0
Adam Ruddach & burnside One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
John Chrystie twentie six libs [Pounds] £26.0.0
Patrick Neills successsours fifteen libs [Pounds] £15.0.0
Cranno Thomas Gordone eighty libs [Pounds] £80.0.0
Margaret Ruddach twentie Five libs [Pounds] £25.0.0
John Ogilvie twenty libs [Pounds] £20.0.0
Echries John Hay Eightie libs £80.0.0
Peill Fauld Peter Sime Fourty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
Cantly & Windyhills John Ogilvie two hundreth & twenty six libs [Pounds] £226.0.0
Leithen For Fewd. [Fewduty] One Hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
Bracco For his lands One thousand & Four hundreth libs [Pounds] £1400.0.0
Swa [Summa] off this parish yr [there] is £3776.0.0
Bridge of Don eight hundreth pounds £800.0.
Swa [Summa] totalis off the valua'ne [valuatione] of the whole shire is eighty thousand libs [Pounds]

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[Page] 10

[Signed] Nicolas Dunbar

[Page] 11

I Nicolas Dumbar of Castlefield Shirreff deput
of Banff Shyre & collr [collector] of the Supply off the sd [said] Shyre
Doe hereby Solemnly Declare & attest that the pre-
ceeding eight pages & this nynth page of this book
all Signed by me is ane true & exact double of
the princl [principal] Valuatne [Valuatione] books of the sd [said] Shyre & [to] the
[present] standart For collecting off the cess yrof [thereof]
excepting the above valuatne [valuatione] of the bridge of Don
which does not pay cess now to this shyre And In
testimony hereof I have Signed this & the Saids
eight preceeding pages At Banff the Nynth
day of October jajvijC [1700] & eight years And Declairs this to
be of verity as I shall anser to God Nicolas Dunbar

Transcriber's notes

Aberlour: Hilam Gordone should read Adam Gordone?

Bracco: Figures should read £470.0.0 to match written amount

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