Proprietor and land Valuation
Fordyce parish
Muirack George Gordone One hundreth and thirty libs [Pounds] £130.0.0
Hallyeards Patrick Ogilvy One hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
Braccanhills Alexander Abercromby two hundreth and Fiftie libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
Birkenborg Sir James Abercromby one thousand and three hundreth libs [Pounds] £1300.0.0
Coohyth Lord Boyne one hundred and Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
Glashaugh and John Morisone Six hundred and sixty six libs [Pounds] £666.0.0
Boogmuchals E. [Earl] off Airly Five hundreth libs [Pounds] £500.0.0
Earle off Findlater Five thousand libs [Pounds] £5000.0.0
Alexander Adam twenty four libs [Pounds] £24.0.0
James Ogilvie Fourty libs [Pounds] £40.0.0
John Strachan ten libs [Pounds] £10.0.0
James Phinn twenty libs [Pounds] £20.0.0
Janet Adam twelve libs [Pounds] £12.0.0
George Strachan ten libs [Pounds] £10.0.0
Robert Andersone twelve libs [Pounds] £12.0.0
Swa [Summa] of this parish ther [there] is £8274.0.0
Alvah parish
Stonyley Robert Sanders one hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
Auchinbady George Mortimer three hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
Bythstone Cumming twenty pounds £20.0.0
Alvah E: [Earl] off Airly two hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
Lord Banff Six hundreth libs [Pounds] £600.0.0
Inverichny & Funkieston peter Russell three hundreth & one libs 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £301.6.8
Dunlugus Robert Grantt Five hundreth sixty Six libs [pounds] 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £566.13.4
Ittlaw Walter Stewart three hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
Muiryhill Lord Banff three hundreth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
E: [Earl] off Buchan now John Keiry two hundreth sixty Six libs 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £266.13.4
Monblary Mr Andrew Hay two hundreth libs [Pounds] £200.0.0
Swa [Summa] of this parish thr [there] is £3304.13.4
Straloch Gordone eight hundreth libs [Pounds] £800.0.0
St Fergus and Fetterangus E: [Earl] Marishall Four thousand libs [Pounds] £4000.0.0
Barrony of Gairtly Lord [Lady] Dowager of Huntly £1050.0.0
Mortlich parish
Coronasy and fewd. [fewduty] D: [Duke] Gordon two hundred and thirty three pounds £233.0.0
Parkmore George Leslie two hundreth pounds £200.0.0
Lesmurdy Alexander Steuart two hundreth & eighty three libs [pounds] £283.0.0
Soccoch Alexander Stewart Fiftie libs [Pounds] £50.0.0
Bellchiry John Gordone one hundreth libs £100.0.0
Edinglassy Sir George Gordone Five hundreth libs [Pounds] £500.0.0
Kinninvy John Leslie three hundreth libs [Pounds] £300.0.0
Leachie Capt. [Captain] Gordone two hundreth and twenty libs [Pounds] £220.0.0
Belldorny John Gordone two hundreth libs [Pounds] £200.0.0
Auchinhandock Sir George Gordon one hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
Parkbegg John Leslie one hundreth and twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
Buchrome Alexander Leslie nyntie libs [Pounds] £90.0.0
Tullich Mr John Lesly one hundreth and Fifty libs [Pounds] £150.0.0
Bp. [Bishop] of Abd. [Aberdeen] for his fewd. [fewduty] in this & Fordyce parish One hundreth Sixty libs [Pounds] £160.0.0
D. [Duke] Gordon For his own and his L: [Lady] Mothrs [Mothers] liferent lands thirteen hundreth libs [Pounds] £1300.0.0
Bracco Alexander Duff for his own and his Fathers lands Nyn hundreth libs [Pounds] £900.0.0
Keithmor for his wod sett lands in Auchindoun One hundreth libs [Pounds] £100.0.0
Lochend James Andersone twenty libs [Pounds] £20.0.0
Swa [Summa] off this parish ther is £5076.0.0
Kirkmichael Parish
Braes John Grantt two hundreth libs [Pounds] £200.0.0
Keppoch two hundreth sixty six libs [Pounds] 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £266.13.4
Dell Fourtie two libs [Pounds] £42.0.0
D: [Duke] Gordon For Fewd: [Fewduty] eightie three libs [Pounds] 6 shilling eight d [pennies] £83.6.8
Delnabo John Grantt two hundreth thirty three libs [Pounds] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £233.6.8
Easter Camdell James Gordone one hundreth & twenty libs [Pounds] £120.0.0
Achriachan & Wester Camdell Farqrson three hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £350.0.0
Carron Grantt Five hundreth And thirtie three libs [Pounds] Six Shilling eight pennies £533.6.8
Inverury and Inverchebat two hundreth & Fifty libs [Pounds] £250.0.0
Ruthwen Duke Gordone eighty libs £80.0.0
Swa [Summa] off this parish ther is £2158.13.4

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