Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £5676.7.8 £5677.2.2
Viscount of Arbuthnott, £1000.0.0 Barony of Arrot [Arbuthnott] Sir James Carnegy, Bart. [Baronet] £1000.0.0
Pitforthie, £333.6.8 Pitforthie, Mrs Hay Mudie, £333.6.8
Balnabriech, £500.0.0 Balnabriech, George Skene, Esq. £500.0.0
John Speid of Easter Craigend, £33.6.8 Easter Craigend, George Skene, Esq. £33.6.8
Kethick, £333.6.8 Keithock, Alexander Cruickshank, Esq. £333.6.8
Kenneres part of Bothers, £100.0.0 Cairnbank, Mr Ritchie's Trustees, £100.0.0
David Donaldson's part, £100.0.0 Cairnbank, Mr Ritchie's Trustees, £100.0.0
Smith of Kethick, £8.6.8 Little Keithock, Patrick Soutar, £8.6.8
Cookston, £300.0.0 Cookston, David Blair, Esq. £300.0.0
Ardovie, £166.13.4 Ardovie, Mrs Speid, £166.13.4
Tenementars of Brechin, including Mr John Mathie's house, £186.13.4 Feus in Tenements, Feuars in Tenements, £186.15.4
N.B.-In the Cess Book for 1748 and in all subsequent years this sum has been stated at £186.15.4 being 2s. [£0.2.0] more than the original valuation
Walter Jamieson, including the Feus of Barhill, £33.6.8 Bearhill, Anderson, Esq. £33.6.8
£8771.7.8 £8772.4.2
Increase on this Parish, £0.16.6
14s.6d. [£0.14.6] of which arises on the Lands of Auldbar, and 2s. [£0.2.0] on Feus in Tenements.
*-(See page 6)-By Decree of Division, dated 1st October, 1822. That part of the Lands of Kintrockat retained by Mr Ferrier, the valued rent of which is £92.8.8 is thus divided:
1. That part of the said Lands called East Inchock Park, disponed by A. Ferrier to James Coathill, smith at Kintrockat, Heirs of James Coathill, or Trustees for his children, £5.0.0
2. West Mains of Kintrockat, Robert Jarron, £46.16.9
3. That part of said Lands formerly called West Inchock Park, now St. Ann's, Herbert Kerr, Esq. £6.16.8
4. That part of said Lands called Maulesden, Thomas Binny, Esq. £26.3.0
5. That part of said Lands called Gallowshank, now belonging to the Hon. [Honourable] William Maule, is £7.12.3d. and it is by this Decree found of consent of Mr Maule and Thomas Binny, Esq. that the said sum falls to be transferred to those parts of the Lands of Haughmuir now belonging to Mr Binny, received by him for and in lieu of the said Lands of Gallowshank, given in excambion, Thomas Binny, Esq. £7.12.3
[total] £92.8.8
*-(See page 7)-By the same Decree, that part of the Lands of Caldhame which was feued to David Duncan, is ordered to be transferred from Robert Jarron to Alexander Mair, residing in Brechin, Alexander Mair, £18.2.0
Balnamoon, including his Haugh Lands in Aberlemno, £1170.3.4 Carriston, George Skene, Esq. £1170.3.4
£1170.3.4 £1170.3.4
Earl of Panmure, £1500.0.0 Carmyllie, By Decree of Division, dated March 12, 1767 divided thus:
1. Mains of Carmyllie, Newton of Carmyllie, Mill and Milnton of Carmyllie, Pendicle of Milnloan, Pendicle of Milton, West Muirheads, and Easter Skichine, disponed by Earl Panmure to Dr. [Doctor] James Aikman, Hon. [Honourable] William Maule, £523.11.9
2. Coresden, Dusty Drum, Whitehill, Montquhir, Newfaulds, Graystones, Easthills, Westhills, Lochlair, Cockhill, Brewlands, Backmuir, and Wester Skichine, disponed by Earl Panmure to John Renny, Honourable William Maule, £458.2.6
3. Crofts and half-lands of Milton of Conon, Mill and Milllands thereof; Boath, Goat, Dikehead, Birns, Smallburn, Papershed, alias Pyetshed, Redford and Slate Quarries of Carmyllie, disponed by Earl Panmure to George Kidd, Honourable William Maule, £518.5.9
[total] £1500.0.0
By Decree of Division, dated 25th June, 1772, the valued rent of the Lands of Wester Skichine (part of those above disponed to John Renny), and the Lands of Birns and Dikehead (part of those aboved disponed to George Kidd), as having right to a share of the Muir of Downie, is ascertained to be £71.15.0 Scots.
Earl of Southesk, £200.0.0 Carmyllie, Hon. [Honourable] William Maule, £200.0.0
Milnton of Conon, £83.6.8 Milnton of Conon, John Ouchterlony, Esq. £83.6.8
Guind, £250.0.0 Guynd, John Ouchterlony, Esq. £250.0.0
Earl of Panmure's Feu, £15.0.0 Guynd, John Ouchterlony, Esq. £15.0.0
Cononsyth, £233.6.8 Cononsyth, William Smart, Esq. £233.6.8
£2281.13.4 £2281.13.4

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[Note] x comprehended in Stannachie for which Patrick Chalmers of Auldbar has pd [paid]. Confirm agst a receipt.

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