Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £1850.0.0 £1201.16.6 £200.0.0
4. Mill and Mill Lands of Findhaven, The Boat, Shepherd's Seat, Wardend, and Enclosures and Mains of Findhaven, retained by Mr Carnegy, - Earl of Aboyne, £448.3.6
[total] £1650.0.0
Baillie Turnbull, £233.6.8 Part of Finhaven, By the foresaid Decree of Division, dated 16 Jun 1767, divided thus:
Brockholes, disponed to Mr Walter Scott, Earl of Aboyne, £76.9.7
Blairfedden, disponed to Mr Rutherford, Earl of Aboyne, £156.17.1
[total] £233.6.8
Carsebank, £50.0.0 Carsebank, Charles Gray, Esq. £50.0.0
[Total] £2133.6.8 £2133.6.8
Earl of Southesk £933.6.8 Panmure, By Decree of Division, dated 12 Mar 1767, divided thus:
1. Rottenraw of Panbride, disponed by Earl Panmure to James Miln, in Liferent, - Hon. [Honourable] William Maule, £140.11.9
2. Lands of Panbride, comprehending Kirkton of Panbride, with the Port and Harbour for Shipping, and Mill and Mill Lands of the same, disponed by Earl Panmure to John Spence, in Liferent. - Honourable William Maule, £721.8.11
3. Barnyards of Panbride, retained by the Earl, - Honourable William Maule, £71.6.0
[total] £933.6.8
Earl of Panmure, £2733.6.8 Panmure, Honourable William Maule, £2733.6.8
Balmachie, £200.0.0 Balmachie, Honourable William Maule, £200.0.0
[Total] £3866.13.4 £3866.13.4
Sir Patrick Lyon, £202.10.0 Carse, Mill and Mill Lands of Rescobie, No decree of Division of these Lands can be traced; but for many years they have been entered in the Cess Books and paid cess under:
Carse, - Charles Gray, Esq. £80.10
Mill and Mill-lands of Rescobie, James Anderson, Esq. £100.0.0
Part belonging to Mr Watson of Turin, - Alexander Watson, Esq. £22.0.0
[total] £202.0.0
Heatherstacks, £133.6.8 Heatherstacks, Charles Gray, £133.6.8
Carsebank, including Muirstane, £216.13.4 Carsebank and Mairstane, Charles Gray, £216.13.4
Quilkoe, with the Earl of Strathmore's feus of Restenneth, £180.0.0 Quilkoe & Feus of Restenneth, By Decree of Division, dated 30 Apr 1778, divided thus:
Lands of Quilkoe, Charles Gray, £150.3.4
Priory Duties of Restenneth, Earl of Strathmore, £29.16.8
[total] £180.0.
Dod in Rescobie, and Wester Dod in Forfar, £750.0.0 Burnside, For many years the Lands of Wester Dod have been entered in the parish of Forfar at a valuation of £233.6.8 leaving for that part of the Estate in this parish -- £516.13.4
Inde-Burnside General Hunter £516.13.4
Drimmie £166.13.4 Drimmie Alexander Watson, Esq. £166.3.4
Pitscandly, including his Grand-father's Relict's Lands £416.13.4 Pitscandly John Farquhar, Esq.
The Lady Carsegownie, £150.0.0 Pitscandly John Farquhar, Esq. £566.13.4
Reswallie, £100.0.0 Reswallie, William Powrie, Esq. £100.0.0
Balmadies, £533.6.8 Ballmadies and Ballaway, By Decree of Division, dated 12 Dec 1795, divided thus:
1. For the Mains and the Possession, formerly occupied by, James Molison, both as possessed by James Langlands, -- £119.0.4
2. For the Lands possessed by J. Mudie, Esq. -- £56.17.4
3. For the Lands of Chapelton, possessed by James Scott, -- £103.2.0
4. For the Lands of Milldens, possessed by Robert Scott, -- £115.5.8
[total] -- £394.7.8
Carried over, £2849.3.4 £2080.10.0

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