Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Ballumbie, £350.0.0 Ballumbie, David Millar, Esq, £350.0.0
Powrie's Lands, purchased from Lord Coupar, £256.10.0 Murroes, By Decree of Division, dated 30 Apr 1773, divided thus:
West-side of the Burn of Murroes, and Mill, possessed by David Rae and Alexander Lindsay, John Guthrie, Esq. £78.0.0
East-side of the Burn of Murroes, including the Templelands, John Guthrie, Esq.Esq. £177.12.0
Lost in the division, £0.10.0
[total] £256.10.0
Powrie Fothringhame, for his other Lands, £714.3.4 Powrie, Lieutentant Colonel Fotheringhame, £714.3.4.
Easter Powrie, £533.6.8 Wedderburn, Henry Wedderburn, Wsq. £533.6.8
Westhall £166.13.4 Westhall and part Murroes. No Degree of these Lands can be traced; but in the Cess Book for 1748, and in all subsequent years, they are entered thus:
Westhall, Miss Ogilvy £145.7.4
In the Cess Book for the same year, the Lands of Murroes are entered at £277.16.0 being £21.6.0 beyond there original valuation. It thus appears, that the Lands of Westhall had been divided, and a part corresponding, to the above £21.6.0 purchased by the Proprietor of Murroes. Inde John Guthrie, Esq. £21.6.0
Inde, John Guthrie, Esq. £21.6.0
[total] £166.13.4
Easter Gaigie, £100.0.0 Easter Gagie, John Guthrie, Esq. £100.0.0
Guthrie, for Wester Gaigie, £183.6.8 Wester Gagie, John Guthrie, Esq. £183.6.8
[Total] £2304.0.0 £2304.0.0
My Lord Advocate, £1900.0.0 Newtyle, James Stewart M'Kenzie, Esq. £1900.0.
Milnhole, £66.13.4 Parts of the Estate of Newtyle, &. James Stewart M'Kenzie, Esq. £66.13.4
Lady Pitcur, for Denside, £33.6.8 James Stewart M'Kenzie, Esq. £33.6.8
Major Brown, part of Balmaw £140.0.0 James Stewart M'Kenzie, Esq. £140.0.0
William Gray and William Luke's part £70.0.0 James Stewart M'Kenzie, Esq. £70.0.0
Edderty, £100.0.0 James Stewart M'Kenzie, Esq. £100.0.0
Easter Keillor, £166.13.4 James Stewart M'Kenzie, Esq. £166.13.4
Couston, £133.6.8 Couston, William Bruce, Esq. £133.6.8
Davidston, £120.0.0 Davidston, Kirk Session of Dundee, £120.0.0
£ £2730.0.0.
Earl of Strathmore, £200.0.0 Newbarns and part Shealhill, By Decree of Division, dated 16 June 1767, divided thus:
Lands feued by the Earl of Strathmore's predecessors to Robert Watson of Shealhill, Charles Lyell, Esq. £65.0.2
Drackmyre, Burnhead of Auchnaday, Wester and Easter Auchnaday, Robert Wilkie, Esq. £134.19.10
[total] £200.0.0
Finevin, £1650.0.0 Finhaven, By Decree of Division, dated 16 June 1767, divided thus:
1. Hillside and Little Ravelgreen, East side of Oathlaw, Meadows, Kingseat, two acres in Oathlaw, Bourtree-bush, and Haughs, disponed to Walter Scott, Earl of Aboyne, £384.9.4
2. Bogardoch, Aikenhatt, and Mainshott, Easter Ordie, Wildshillocks, Battledykes, Bogindollo, Westwood, Wester Ordie, Whinnyknow, and Coldside, disponed to Mr Edmonston of Ednam, Earl of Aboyne, £472.3.1
3. Ravelgreen, West side of Oathlaw, Parkford, Windyedge and Eastwood, Shilburn and Birkenbush, disponed to John Rutherford, Earl of Aboyne, £345.4.1
Carried over £1850.0.0 £1201.16.6 £200.0.0

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Note. Compensation paid for Henderson which is supposed to be part of Newtyle (OVR [Old Valuation Roll] £1900.0.0) on an OVR [Old Valuation Roll] of £173.6.8 Sc. [Scots]

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