Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward £19.0.4 3/4
The remainder of the Lands of Laws, including five acres three roods, being Temple Lands, otherwise called Muirheads, disponed by David Millar, Esq., to Patrick Anderson Esq. £205.19.7 1/4
[total] £225.0.0
*2 By Decree of Division, dated 2 Oct 1821, the lands of Omachie, which are valued at £400.0.0, are divided as follows, viz.
That part disponed by David Millar, Esq., to David Kerr, Esq. £8.4.7 1/2
That part retained by David Millar, Esq. David Millar, Esq. £391.15.4 1/2
Logie, £433.6.8 Newmanswalls and Charleton, These Lands appear to have been divided at some distant period, but the division cannot now be traced. Charleton had been acquired by the Proprietor of Tarry, and had been stated in the Cess Books in cumulo with his other lands down to the year 1770. In the Cess Book for that year, after stating Tarry's valued rent in cumulo, it is added, "From which to be deducted, Charleton, sold to Mr George Carnegy, £66.13.4. and in all subsequent years the Lands of Charleton have been entered separately, as under:
Charleton, G. Fullerton Carnegy, Esq. £66.13.4
The remaining part of the Estate consists of Newmanswalls, which are stated in the oldest Cess Book extant (1748), and in subsequent years in cumulo, with the Lands of Pert, both then the property of Mr Scott, at the sum of -- £920.0.0.
Carried over, £433.6.8 £920.0.0 £66.13.4
Brought forwars £433.6.8 £920.0.0 £66.13.4
The valued Rent of Pert, is £566.13.4
So that there remains for Newmanswalls only the sum of -- £353.6.8
There has thus been lost sight of the sum of £13.6.8 of the valued Rent of Newmanswalls, which falls to be now added, -- £13.6.8
[total] -- £366.13.4 A. Renny Tailyour, Esq. £366.13.4
[total] £433.6.8
Kinnaber, £800.0.0 Kinnaber and Rosemount, By Decree of Division, dated 13 Feb 1797, divided thus:
Those parts of the Lands of Kinnaber, lying on the north side of the road leading from the North Water Bridge, westward to Hedderwick, and as far east as the Burn or Rill, called the Slack of Blebo, sold to John Duncan, Esq. of Rousemount, John Duncan, Esq, £406.4.0
Fishing of Mary Nett, G. Fullerton Carnegy, Esq, £64.18.8
Remaining Lands of Kinnaber, G. Fullerton Carnegy, Esq. £328.17.4
[total] £800.0.0
Borrowfield, £366.13.4 Borrowfield, A. Renny Tailyour, Esq. £366.13.4
Tayick, £100.0.0 Tayock, James Cruickshank, Esq. £100.0.0
Hedderwick, £600.0.0 Hedderwick, Newbigging, Claylake, By Decree of Division, Dated 6 Oct 1807, the valued Rent of the Lands of Newbigging, part of the Estate of Hedderwick, is ascertained to be, James Cruickshank, Esq. £69.11.8
By Decree of Division, dated 30 Apr 1821, the valued Rent of the Lands of Claylake, - also part of the Estate of Hedderwick, is ascertained to be G. Fullerton Carnegy, Esq. £29.7.0
Remainder of the Estate, George Robertson Scott, Esq. £501.1.4
[total] £600.0.0
£2300.0.0 £2300.0.0

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