Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £1366.13.4 £1366.13.4
N.B. - Ever since the year 1765, the Lands of Balyeordie have paid Cess on a valued rent of £700.0.0 only, in place of £766.13.4, at which they were originally valued, and on which valuation the above division proceeds. They are therefore here stated at the original valued rent.
Balrownie, £300.0.0 Balrownie, James Carnegie, Esq. £300.0.0
Balnamoon, excluding Auchfersie £1181.1.11 Balnamoon. Carriston. Earl of Kintore's Lands.Balconnal.Burnside. It has been found impossible to trace the divisions of these valued rents to the way in which they now stand, and it does not appear that any regular divisions had taken place.
Balyeordie, for Brathnish £233.6.8
Hercules, Crammond's part, £200.0.0
In the Cess Book for the year 1748, the Lands of Balnamoon are entered as under, and have ever since continued at that valuation:
Balnamoon James Carnegie, Esq. £558.8.?
In the Cess Book for the same year, viz. 1748, the Lands of Balconnel and Burnside are entered as under, and have ever since continued:
Alexander Skair, for half of Balconnel, now called Burnside- Alexander Guthrie, £50.0.0
David Skair, for half of Balconnel, -- £50.0.0
Birkhill, -- £16.13.4
Alexander Scott, £66.13.4
On the 14 Dec 1798, Mr Skene of Skene presented a petition, craving relief from an overcharge of Cess - on advising that petition, the Commissioners of Supply found that the valued rent of Mr Skene's Lands, in the parish of Menmuir, was £839.0.0
Inde - Mr Skene's Lands George Skene, Esq. £839.0.0
In the Cess Book for the year and in all subsequent years, the Earl of Kintore's Lands, in the parish of Menmuir, have been valued at £100.0.0
Inde, Earl of Kintore, £100.0.0
£3281.1.11 £3280.15.5
Deficiency on this parish, £0.6.6
Earl of Panmure, £1140.0.0 Panmure, By Decree of Division, dated in the yeat 1767, the valued Rent of these Lands, amounting in cumulo in £3225.0.0, is divided thus:
Countess of Panmure, for her Liferent Lands, £2085.0.0 Panmure
1. Balhungie, Easter Monikie, and Hynd Castlem disponed in liferent to William Turnbull, Hon. [Honorable] William Maule, £402.18.5
2. Castletown, Hyndfaulds, Segwall, and Muirdrum, disponed to David Greig, Honorable William Maule, £421.6.0
3. Denfind, Midtown, and Hillhead of Monikie, disponed to David Allardice Honorable William Maule, £412.8.0
4. Carlungie, Mill of Downie, and Mill Lands, disponed to Robert Golvill, Honorable Willilam Maule, £482.13.10
5. Graystone of Ardesty, Mill of Cambuston, and Mill Lands, disponed to James Mill, Honorable William Maule, £447.18.10
6. Lochmyllie, Brae of Downie, and Kirktown of Monikie, disponed to John Bouchart, Honorable William Maule, £434.12.8
7. Downikean and Cambuston, and pendicle called Little Cambuston, disponed to William Kerr, Honorable William Maule, £423.18.10
8. Ardesty, and Ward of Monikie, retained, Honorable William Maule, £199.3.5
[total] £3225.0.0
Pitairlie and Guildie £136.13.4 Part of Panmure, Honorable William Maule, £136.13.4
Auchinleck, £666.13.4 Affleck and Smithfield, There is no record of the Division of these Lands. In the earliest existing Cess Book, viz. that for the year 1748, they are separately entered, as under, and have ever since continued to be so, viz.
Smithfield James Fyffe, Esq. £533.6.8
Thomas Read - (Affleck) James Yeaman, Esq. £133.6.8
[total] £666.13.4
Newbigging, £180.0.0 Newbigging, David Kerr, Esq. (see division*) £180.0.0
Claverhouse £400.0.0 Lord Douglas's Lands, By Decree of Division, dated 25 Jun 1772, of the valued rent of Lands claiming a share in the division of the Muir of Downie, Lord Douglas's Lands are divided thus: -
Carried over, £4608.6.8 £4208.6.8

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