Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £1150.0.0 £435.17.7
2. Cornmill and Mill Lands of Denmiln, with the pertinents, that part of the Lands of Middle Gourdie called Backside, and the other parts of Middle and Easter Gourdie, possessed by James Henry, Robert and David Cocks, Thomas Thomson, William Doig, James Smith, William Kyd, John Hill, John Butter, Thomas Peables, and David Paul, - the superiority of which was disponed to Captain Adam Duncan, and the property to Alexander Duncan, W.S. [Writer to the Signet] Lord Duncan £230.10.5
3. Lands of Middle and Easter Gourdie, and certain small Feus of the Lands of Dryburgh and Pitalpie, remaining with Alexander Duncan of Lundie, -- £483.12.0
By Decree of Division, dated 14 Nov 1795, the last parcel subdivided thus:
The several Feus of the Netherlands of Dryburgh and Pitalpie, Lord Duncan £383.10.2
The Lands of Middle and Easter Gourdies, Lord Duncan £100.1.9
Lost in the last Division, £0.0.1
[total] £1150.0.0
Invergowrie £1000.0.0 Invergowrie In the oldest Cess Book extant (viz. 1748), the Lands of Invergowrie are stated at £980.0.0 of valued rent, and have ever since continued at that valuation. By Decree of Division, dated 26 May 1767, said cumulo of £980.0.0, is divided thus:
Those parts of the Estate of Invergowrie, called Balgarthno, Whitelawston, Pyotdyke, and Stonnyrooves, with their pertinents, and that part of Easter Invergowrie, then possessed by James Clayhills, called Menzieshill, from which Lands Dr. [Doctor] George Murray of Invergowrie renounced his right of life-rent, in favour of Margaret Clayhills, his daughter, and her husband, James Clayhills, Esq. £437.15.9
Remainder of the Estate life-rented by Dr. George Murray, James Clayhills, Esq. £542.4.3
[total] £980.0.0
Carried over, £2150.0.0 £2130.0.0
Brought forward, £2150.0.0 £2130.0.0
Benvie £933.6.8 Benvie, Balruddery By Decree of Division, dated 5 Dec 1775, divided thus:
Lands of Balruddery, sold by Lord Gray to the Earl of Strathmore, James Webster, Esq. £426.5.1
Remainder of Lord Gray's Estate within the old Parish of Benvie, Lord Gray, £507.1.7
[total] £933.6.8
Bullion, £200.0.0 Bullion, No Decree of Division can be traced; but in the Cess Book for the year 1754, and in all subsequent years, these Lands are entered thus: -
Earl of Strathmore, for one-forth of Bullion, Thomas Milne, Esq. £50.0.0
Wedderburn for three-fourth of Bullion, Henry Wedderburn, Esq. £150.0.0
[total] £200.0.0
Gourdie, to Easter Powrie, £233.6.8 Gourdie, Henry Wedderburn, Esq. £233.6.8
Viscount of Stormonth's Feus, £500.0.0 Feus Lord Gray, £500.0.0
William Weddel, £15.0.0 James Waddel's Land, James Waddel, £15.0.0
Nether Liff, £266.13.4 Lord Gray's Lands, and part beloning to Thomas Watson
Provost Watson, £160.0.0
Walter Thomson, £80.0.0
John Mitchell, £40.0.0
Edward Montagu £40.0.0
In the oldest Cess Book, (viz.1748) Lord Gray's valued Rent in the Parish is stated at £1980.0.0
From which deduct Benvie - then wholly belonging to Lord Gray, -- £933.6.8
And Feus above entered, -- £500.0.0
[total] -- £1433.6.8
[remainder] -- £546.13.4
Besides the above valued Rent stated to Lord Gray, there is entered in the same Cess Book, Lands belonging to John Montagu, afterwards acquired by Lord Gray, -- £40.0.0
[Total] -- £586.13.4
Carried over, £4618.6.8 AA £4011.13.4

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