Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £1086.13.4 £962.19.2
5. Feu duty of Kintyrie, Earl of Strathmore, £7.4.3
6. Feu duty of Balmuckity, Earl of Strathmore, £3.16.11
7. Feu duty of Wester and Nether Ballinshoes, Earl of Strathmore, £1.3.1
8. Feu duty of Longbank, Charles Lyell, Esq. £14.8.6
9. Feu duty of Over and Nether Bowhouses, Earl of Strathmore, £19.4.7
10. Feu duty of East and West Sandyfords, Earl of Strathmore, £0.1.0
11. Drums, Drumhead, and Drumclune, belonging to Robert Watson of Shealhill, -- £77.15.10
Shilhill, £166.13.4 Shealhill, -- £166.13.4
Add Bogwilk and Forrester's seat in parish of Oathlaw, -- £65.0.2
[total] -- £309.9.4
These three properties, the valued rent of which amounted in cumulo to £309.9.4 composed the Estate of Shealhill in 1775, when the same was sold to the Earl of Strathmore and Sir John Ogilvy.—By decree of division, dated 29 Apr 1775, the said cumulo of £309.9.4 (or rather £309.10.0 being the sum at which the lands were stated in the Cess Book) was divided thus:
Those parts purchased by Sir John Ogilvy, Charles Lyell, Esq. £57.10.5
Remainder purchased by the Earl of Strathmore, -- £251.19.7
By decree of division, dated 30 Apr 1778, said remainder divided thus:
That part of Shealhill, sold by the Earl of Strathmore to Mr Fletcher of Ballenshoe, Charles Lyell, Esq. £98.15.8
Remainder, -- £153.3.11
Deduct, for lands in Oathlaw above stated, -- £65.0.2
[total] -- £88.3.9
Carried over, £1253.6.8 £1165.3.7
Brought forward, £1253.6.8 £1165.3.7
The above £88.3.9 being the valued rent of the remaining part of Shilhill in Kirrymuir, sold by the Earl of Strathmore to Mr Lyell, along with other Lands above stated, in 1793, Charles Lyell, Esq. £88.3.9
Invercarity, £2487.10.0 Kinnordy including Lednathie, No Decree of Division can be traced dividing the Lands of Lednathie from the remainder of this Estate; but ever since the year .1748. (the date of the oldest Cess Book extant) the Lands of Lednathie have been entered in the Cess Books as under:
Lednathie, Darling, Esq. £140.0.0
Remainder of the Estate, Charles Lyell, Esq. £2347.10.0
[total] £2487.10.0
Glasswell and Tarbirnes, £520.0.0 Glasswell, By Decree of Division, dated 14 July 1792, these two Properties, having a cumulo valued rent of £670.0.0, were divided thus:
Easter Tarbirnes, £150.0.0 Glasswell,
Those parts of Glaswell, lying on the east side of the Burn of Kirrymuir, sold to Mr Lyell of Kinnordy, Charles Lyell, Esq. £280.0.0
Remainder of the Estate, Captain H. Brown's Trustees, £390.0.0
[total] £670.0.0
Balloch, £50.0.0 Balloch, James Adamson, Esq. £50.0.0
Ballindargs, £426.13.4 Ballindarg, Francis Grahame, Esq. £426.13.4
James Annand of Kinwhirrie, £115.6.8 Kinwhirry, In the oldest Cess Book (viz. 1748) these Lands are stated at £115.16.8 and have ever since continued at that sum, being 10s. [£0.10.0] more than the original valuation—(*The 10s. [£0.10.0] to be struck off—see below), Sir David Wedderburn, £115.16.8
Bandoch, £533.6.8 Glenprosen, In the oldest Cess Book extant (viz. 1748), and in all subsequent years, the Lands of Glenprosen have been stated at £553.6.8 being £20.0.0 more than what Bandoch is rated at in the original Roll—(* The £20.0.0 ordered to be struck off—see below), The Hon. [Honourable] Donald Ogilvy, £553.6.8
Ranagliroch to the Earl of Airly, £16.13.4 Ranagliroch, Earl of Airly, £16.13.4
Mr David Lindsay, £80.0.0 Sandyfords, now part of Ballenshoe, Gilbert L. Meason, Esq. £80.0.0
Carried over, £5632.16.8 £5653.7.4

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