Parish Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
No. 21 Glammis Parish Scots
Lord Strathmore His Lop's [Lordship's] Lands £2961.6.8
Lord Douglas His Lop's [Lordship's] lands £750.0.0
William Douglas Esq Scroggerfield £100.0.0
St Andrews Archbishopricks lands £225.0.0
John Henderson Esq Rochilhill £100.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £4136.6.8
No. 22 Glenisla Parish
John Patirson Part of Kebrie £6.0.0
John Spalding Part of Kebrie £6.0.0
John Spalding Burnside £40.0.0
Part of Kebrie £6.0.0
David Hill 1/3 of Auchrenny £37.0.0
John & James Grewar Easter Craig £140.0.0
John Hill Cottons of Craig £100.0.0
Mr Gibson's heirs Wester Darry & Dickhead £170.0.0
James Ogivy Mill of Craig £70.0.0
Charles Playfair His lands £36.13.4
James Mitchell His lands £23.6.8
Thomas Duncan Frett loans £20.0.0
James Clark Easter Loanhead £13.8.8
Part of Kibrie £31.11.4
The Earl of Airly Fortir & Crandart £400.0.0
The Earl of Airly Craig £233.0.0
The Earl of Airly Newton £56.13.4
The Earl of Airly Craignity £200.0.0
Francis Rattray East Mill £277.0.0
Fewers of Glenisla Fews £1000.0.0
Thomas Duncan Auchrenny £75.0.0
Charles Brown Esq Bellaty £146.13.4
Pitlochrie £66.13.4
David Duncan Cammack £120.0.0
Lord Murray Fews £70.0.0
Sir William Ramsay Drumfogus £165.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £3510.0.0

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