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Proprietor and land Valuation
Brechin [continued]
Ovir Pitforthie £204.4.8
balnabreich £474.2.4
Holmylne £65.7.0
Cookstowne £409.0.8
Easter Craigend £32.12.0
George croll por [portioner] of Keathick £81.14.4
Heritors of bothers £147.10.8
David Edzear air of keathick £192.10.4
David Edzear relict £139.9.0
[total] £7138.6.10
Erle of Ethie thair £938.12.4
Erle of Southesk £84.13.8
Stracathrow £899.4.8
Smyddiehill £130.14.0
Newttowne £147.1.4
ballwny £163.8.10
Mylne of Newtoune £98.1.10
Mwirtoune ptaining [pertaining] to balrowny £80.9.0
[total] £2542.5.8
Erle of Ethie £1549.18.4
James Scott of Loggie £637.13.10
Monorgound thr [there] £591.13.6
Lord halkertoune £604.13.4
[total] £1834.0.8
Laird of Dwn not lyfrentit and woodsett £1004.19.2
Ladie Dwnywald lyfrent lands thr [there] £735.15.8
Erle of Ethie woodset lands £873.19.6
Newbigging £194.7.0
Whytfeild £279.17.8
Kirkbuddo thr [there] £98.1.10
[total] £3187.0.10
James scott relict lyfrent lands thr [there] £233.14.8
Loggie for the remanent lands thr [there] ptaining [pertaining] to his father £435.17.0
Kynnaber £833.6.6
Borroufeild £392.7.8
[total] £1895.5.10
Dwnynald £784.6.10
James scott of Loggie for baldowie £196.3.8
ovir dysert for struickhill £40.13.0
Laird of Craig or Erle of Dondie for Craig Vlyheaven and Rossie wt [with] eastments £3268.7.4
[total] £4289.10.10
Laird off Fintrie eld [elder] & younger £2193.19.4
Laird of bonytoune £415.16.2
Nather Dysert £482.5.8
ovir Dysert thr [there] £196.3.8
[total] £3288.4.10
Erle of Southesk thr [there] £1223.3.4
Ardowy £147.1.4
[total] £1370.4.8
Erle of Southeske thr [there] £2061.5.10
Futhie £163.8.10
[total] £2224.14.8
Peter Turnbull woodset of blairrie feddin and hauch £425.0.6
For his woodset of vindieage and shepherd seat £209.11.10
Parkfuird £73.13.6
Aikenhat £65.7.0
alexander kyd eld & yor [elder & younger] for birkinbg £139.6.0
Lord spynie not woodset £704.0.8
Haystoune woodset £422.6.0
Ravelgrein £88.4.2
Hilsyd £58.11.6
easter Ordie £83.13.10
[total] £2269.15.0
Lord Loun £962.1.0
Newgraing thr [there] £139.3.4
Arbeikie £261.8.0
[total] £1362.12.4
Erle of Ethie £2752.4.0
Laird of gairdyne £1972.15.10
Breyingtoune £171.9.8
Laird of bonytoune £809.0.10
Lawtoune £237.2.6
[total] £5942.12.10
Erle of Southesk thr [there] £2013.17.4
Newgraing thr [there] £611.14.4
Patrick gray of kynnell £412.5.8
mair for E of K [Erle of Kingorne] for muirmylne £32.12.0
[total] £3070.9.4

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Vlyheaven = Ulysseshaven

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