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Proprietor and land Valuation
Paroche of Keithnes
Laird of pitcur For the barronie of pitcur and keillor £1577.17.6
Be him for the barronie of keithnes £424.5.6
Be him for the Lands of baldowrie £271.0.0
John halyburtowne of ardlair £427.13.4
alexander halyburtowne of Fotherance £302.1.2
Viscount of stormount few foorth throf [thereof] £8.12.2
mylne of keithnes £89.18.2
Land of balgillo blair £465.18.6
Kirkland of keithnes £81.14.6
balgeirsheo for the westounend of keithnes £261.8.0
Bandirran £171.9.10
Lord Zester teynd foorth thairof £8.3.8
Patrick andersone portioner of peattie £85.13.6
Seasyd part throf [thereof] £85.13.6
Stronomock pt throf [part thereof] £85.13.6
David Ogilvy part throf [thereof] £85.13.6
Alexander Halyburtoune of Corstowne £53.12.8
Robert Cathrow £24.11.2
John Davidsone £16.7.6
[Total] £4527.7.8
Lord Cowpar For the precinct of cowpar and feu deuties throf [thereof] in Angus £196.3.10
Land of pitcur rent therein jncluding henderstowne and pitneppie £1657.17.10
Cawstowne £122.13.0
Davidstowne £106.2.10
Mylneholl £53.1.4
Easter keillor £130.14.0
Patrick andersone for burnmouth £53.12.8
Land of Navay for Eddertie £81.14.6
Major browne portioner of balmaw £65.7.0
John gray portioner throf [throf] £32.12.0
[Total] £2303.15.2
Essie & Navay
Lord Cowpar thair £751.14.10
Laird of Nevay thr [there] £727.6.6
Mr David Denmwir thr [there] £514.15.2
Dunkenny £653.12.10
Balgowny £326.15.0
John Low in haltoune of essie £17.10.0
[Total] £2991.14.4
Laird of Ruthven thair £621.0.10

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Heir followeth the roll of the rents of the shirriffedome of forfar as they wer valued For the cropt Jajvi c & Fourtie Nyn [1649] by warrand grantit by act of parliament and condiscendence had anent the mantenance and rents at the meitting of the commissioners of the shyres of this natione at Edh [Edinburgh] In July 1653

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L.s.d. for pounds, shillings and pence, the letters being taken from the Latin librae, solidi and denarii.

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